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Someone hates Zhou Xun

 I just saw a Vogue cover...and well...why this photographer hates Zhou Xun? I mean..usually she looks so pretty..and now she looks...er...her eyebrows, her style..the expression..it all just doesnt look right....

Well, ths post have been more popular than I thought..so if any is interested in seeing a pair more of pics, u can see them at the usual spot: Read more

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Did u notice...?

 Did u notice I don't have a lot to saylately?

 I have seen many people uploading drawings and all (and talking a lot to reni abt drawinsg just keeps me wanting to draw). So I will upload a few things I have done over the past pair of weeks, like this one:

If only I could color...but yeah, no point at practicing colour with mouse...and wacoms are REALLY expensive here, anyone wan...Read more

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This is random...

 Just sharing something randomly funny I found...

 I can't stop laughing everytime I see it.. ^^U

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Cool MV

 My friend showed me this MV by Kaela Kimura...

 Actually I have never heard anything by her, but my friend showed me a pair of MV's, and they are good..but this one is so cool so  original, flashy and ADDICTIVE!!

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 It seems some users are preparing a pyjamapicture thingie, I won't say anymore, coz I dunno if they want it to be known yet (though it doesnt sound so well if I mention it as "pyjama thingie" but anyways...)

 My point is said I wouldn't be joinning because I dont have cute pyjamas: they didnt believe me

 Then they said as soon as I wake up, I change clothes. I never wear pyjamas around the house: they didnt believe me.

 Then I said I don't use a pyjama shirt: they didnt believe me

 Then I sai...Read more

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New Artist~~

 AnD has a new artist (yeah, we should celebrate every new add, but I celebrate this one specially, blame me =p). Reni. He's a great guy, and SO VERY talented. U dont know him yet? Go check him out!!!


 So I made this little thing, one of his characters: Smartan, meets cartoon Raul.

  Read more

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Old school

 A few friends came home today, and we decided to watch a movie. We were browsing through my long list of "to-watch" movies. When a friend said:I wanna watch something "old school".

 We all knew what he meant, old hk martial arts comedy movie. So I just remembered I got my hands in this one, Pedicab Driver. A Sammo Hung movie I watched 10 years ago, so we all agreed on watching it.

...Read more
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I wanna live in a musical

 Now I am super sleepy, and dunno why not really in a good mood. But to chase all that away, I'll blog about something I have been meaning to blog for quite some time: I wanna live in a musical.

 I love music, that's for sure. If I am anywhere I dont have to interact with other people (my room, the street, waiting for a doctor's appointment, bus, metro, train, plane, etc etc) I am ...Read more

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Barcelona by Night

 Yesterday night I met a friend to go for a drink...and since she was late (why my female friends are ALWAYS late? I want answers!!!) I went for a short walk around the centre while waiting...

 Lately I saw many people showing very cool photos in AnD, some of them even taken by cellphone cam...so I decided to give it a try...

 Of course, me having no idea abt photography whatsoever makes the pics not good enough, but at least u can see some Barcelona pics at night, enjoy!!!

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Annabel Lee

Poe has been one of my favourite writers for many years...

but then, when it comes to poerty, I am not a very good poetry reader,

 I dont like to read poetry...yet there's a pair of poets that break

into my chest, grab my heart, pull it off, show it to me, then

they crash it with one hand..just like Poe does in this poem:

It was many and many a year ago,

...Read more
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