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Yes, I was a movie star, so what?

 Now u all know (one of) my secrets.

 As Reni has shown the world HERE.

 So, most of u know Reni and I are good friends, but what u dont know is that we first met many years ago, in one of my first movies. He playeda villain with his counterpart Smartan

 There was a big fight of egos in that movie, thet weirdest thing was that the battle of egos was among Reni and himself, his ego was so big, tha...Read more

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Studying in China...

 Okay, I call for people's knowledge here.

 I will have a chinese level test in September to enter a 2nd Degree of university studies. Bad thing is, I havent studied chinese seriously for a LONG time.

 And since my trip to Hk in August is already planned and I cant study or practice mandarin in a daily basis there, I need to find a place in China to study in July. Problem? money. I need t...Read more

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 Yesterday I met my friends to go have a drink and eat "tapas" in the morning (er...tapas is something VERY typical from Spain, u can know when u come visit me =D). After that they invited me over to their place for lunch, and we decided to do a "light" lunch. because we already ate a lot...

 Take a look of what we ended up having for our "light" lunch...

...Read more
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To anyone in Singapore

To anyone in Singapore. One of my oldest friends there lost her cat.

 We haven't talked in ages, but I wanna help her out, so please, if u are in Singapore, check this site and keep an eye open.


 Thanks a lot.

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I just came back from watching Ironman, I only have to say two things:

 1. -GREATmovie!!!!!!!!

2.-If u go watch it..stay till the VERY end, after the credits, if u're a marvel fan, u'll b REALLY GRATEFUL

PS: I am out to bed now

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Barcelona by Day

 Okay, since in my post Barcelona by Night people said it all looked spooky, I decided to make a Barcelona By Day post. So u all can see Barcelona is not spooky at all =p

 Art commemorating the 92 Olympic's volunteers


Now some random shots on my way to pick up my friend at her workplace

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I have been busy...

 Hi everybody,

 Most of u know I haven't been around much for the past 2 weeks, I can finally say why.

 One of my best friends had his 30th birthday last weekend, and for the past 2 months and a half, his gf, a friend and me, have been planning a perfect surprise party.

 And for the past 2 weeks I spent every single second of my free time editing two special videos about his life and his friends, all mixed with movies.

 Finally, last Saturday, time arrived, we had to rush a LOT to have everything ready,...Read more

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Some songs speak by themselves...

 Okay, this is a message to Reni, hope u understand =P (xDDDDDDDD)

Haha, we are just kidding people, this is my revenge for Reni's stories about me =P

 I said my revenge would be something to be scared about!!! =p

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Let's go to the movies...

 The other day I was thinking...I can't do anything else while I am working (coz I dont actually pay attention to what I am doing...as if I care) or while I am in class (there's a pairof them that are aaaawfully boring) so, I was thinking....

 What if those classic scary

movies would have had Raul in them? Well, the conclusionis: they would have been much less scary. Check it out for urselves...Read more

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Helena Bonham Carter

 I like every Tim Burton movie, so the other day I was talking to Reni abt Helena Bonham Carter, and seeing his drawing of her, I decided to draw her as my favourite of her roles so far, Ms Lovett from Sweeney Todd.

 I tried some lame photoshoptoo, here, the result (I still prefer black and white...)

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