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I miss the old times...

 I don't have time to blog much...so I will just post this for the old times' sake.

How many of u know what is it? I know Patrick, Stephen and Raffi should know it...who else? =P

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Reul and Rani

 The other day I was talking to Reni about how we should swap our lives for a while, he's sick of Hk and I am looking for an excuse to escape from my life for a while and returnto Hk.

 So the result would be something like this.

 You can see how Reniput a bald wig (he didnt want to shave), and is imitating Raul's face. He had to paint the goatee though..and the result wasn't so good... He couldn't let go of his pen though...

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A storyless story

Just something I wrote for no specific reasons, wanted to explore the point of view of such a story, now dun go getting the wrong idea =)


 I love you, and that’s a fact. I love you since we first met, and I will love you until the last remains of me, are dust in the wind.

 I remember that first awkward meeting, I had to leave my shyness aside, I had to make you smile, I knew once I s...Read more

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Interesting blogger

 AnD had a great addition, one of the most smart and funny bloggers I've ever read.

 So, you guys should check him out. He's cute, he's tiny, he's furry, and he's a hamster.


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My mind doesnt work how it's supposed to...

 I was just chatting with a friend while she was writing a part of our novel And we had a short convo that made me realize something is not nice up here...

 It went something like this:

 M: Tell me something smelly!! fast!!

R: pooh

M: something smelly AND original

M: and pink pooh with yellow spots doesnt count.

(here my mind didnt actually had to think hard or even search for knowledge, my fingers typed this:)

 R: The breath of Ugnor, old God of Perfumes....Read more

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There's a day when life decides to kick ur ass.

 That day was today. If something could have gone wrong, it was worst.

 If something is wrong, sometimes u can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

 Today that light is a train coming my way.

 I won't go into details. I dun feel like it.

 Crappy day that may f*ck up my life for a long time.

 Thanks for this day, u can pu...Read more

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That's me.

 I have had these pics for a while...and I didnt really know what to do with them.


 So now prepare for a long post of pics of onlyme, something u wont see very often.

 Last month, at the Comic Convention, my friends and I were bored, so we decided to play a game. Someone behind the camera will start shouting things like ""u find a puppy" then pic of my face "the puppy bites u" -pic of my face- "it's actually a Gremlin" -pic of my face- And so on.

 Since I dun really ...Read more

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I am eating too much lately...

 Well, every week I write less postsand they become more boring...I dun have much to tell  =p

 So I will do a similar post to one I did not long ago... FOOD. Yesterday I met 2 friends who wanna join me in Hk for 2 weeks and travel to Thailand, because they wanna know some details..after all the talking we decided to prepare some dinner.

 This was the yummyresult. For only 4 of us...I was abt to explode (and I was not the only one)

 (sorry for blurry pic, I need a new cellphone soon..the cam sucks m...Read more

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Happy First Anniversary AnD!!!!

  I still remember the first time I logged in here, I had just finished watched Heavenly Kings, and was curious abt the website. That was still the old website, I looked around, checked some forums, but I found it quite confusing to find everything...Untill finally one day I found this new website open.


 This was SO different!!! I found it easy to surf around, to inter...Read more

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Stupidly Funny (with english subtitles)

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