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Hong Kong Baby!!

 Okay, ages no blog, been in Xi'an till yesterday..

 Internet didnt work at the beginning, then it did, but many things happened in Xi'an that kept me away from my computer (good things, dont worry)

 I will blog abt Xi'an...some other time..

 I am in Hong Kong now, just arrived, taking a short rest, and then I will go to...Smartan Show!!! Yeah!!!

 So..yeah, I am Alive, Not Dead...

 and I am back in Hong Kong baby!!!!!

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See you on the other side~~

 I am leaving tomorrow morning...

It's 2.30 AM, and I am still doing stuff...

 Plane to Xi'an leaves tomorrow morning at 12.50, and I hope to be in it.

 So while I am out, I don't want you to forget me... and I thought this would be the best way:

 See you on the other side!!!

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Last announce


Okay, I only have 2 days leftin Spain (I dun count Friday because I leave in the morning).

 So, a question for those of u who know me, are in Hong Kong, and didn't have a chance to talk to lately due to my busy "oh-my-god-I-still-need-to-buy-so-many-things-and-there's-so-few-time-left" schedule:

 Does any of you WANT / NEED anything from Spain? Someone already asked ...Read more

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Swimming trunks

Today I wanted to do some of my "rush shopping before I leave" and buy swimming trunks...

 After roaming around 5 different shops, surrounded by crazy sales shoppers, and TONS of tourists , all I found was...

 ALL swimming trunks on sale now got to the shops by a time machine from the 70's.

 I mean, everything was little black and white stripes/squares, or BIG flowery and...Read more

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Summer plans are ON

  Okay, okay, tomorrow Monday is my LASTday at job FINALLY. Usually when people have a birthday or something to celebrate, they bring food... so me being as NICE as I am, I will bring food to celebrate that I am QUITTING =P

 So, how's my summer planned finally?

 July 11th: Take a plane to Xi'an, and study chinese there for 2 weeks. On July 28th, when I finished my classes, Alex wi...Read more

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Movie time

Last weekend I went to watch Hulk (yes, I ddi a lot of things last weekend). I watched Hulk.

 It's a great movie...and from it I bring you...

 The Incredible RaHulk

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Night of magic...and..fireworks?

 Yesterday night in some parts of spain was " San Juan" a night to celebrate the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year.

 Traditionally it was a night full of magic. A nightwhere all kinds of evil and hidden creatures can roam the earth freely, so to scare them away, they used to make lots of noise and party those nights. Also big fires piles should be jumped, in order to burn those spirits who wanted to follow u.

 In this night, witches gathered all around in the woodsto bath in the magi...Read more

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 Yesterday night I just watched the thai movie Chocolate. Directed by the Ong Bak director, Ptachya Pinkaew, the amazing skills of the young Jeeja Yanin didnt let me close my mouth during the whole movie. It was a PAINFUL movie (specialle after watching the outtakes where everybody was severely injured while filming),,,

 TOTALLY worth watching...

 Not convinced yet? Check out the trailer...

...Read more

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Disney, yes Disney -AGAIN-

 And the saga goes on...

 We woke up perfectly in time for a Disney breakfast at the hotel.

 We saw it was rainning, so I started cursing all the gods that pass through my mind at the moment, and some I made up especially for the ocasion.

 Luckily. as soon as we arrived at the park..the rain magically stopped (it seems some forgotten Gods dun like being remembered only to be sworn to), so we could actually enjoy another Disneyday with EVEN less queues, I mean it, longest queue we made that day was...5...Read more

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Disney. Yes, Disney

 When I was in Hong kong last summer (2007) everybody told me notto go to Dinseyland, because it was too small and not very good.

 But since I had never been to ANYDisneyland before, I decided to risk it. My friend Sara joined in, and we decided to even spend the night there so we wouldn't have to rush everywhere....

 Now get ready for a long picture blog..of DAY ONE!!! (muahahahahha hahah haha..ha...ha..ha...er...ha...)

 Our first arrival at the hotel...some japanese girls helped us take this pics...afte...Read more

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