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Back in Spain



 My month in Hong Kong flashed through my eyes faster than I expected...

 I am back in Barcelona now, routine starting slowly again, and some things are already getting difficult...but oh well, this is life...

 I will blog about everything soon...

 But I don't wanna end this without thanking two people specially. As they say, ladies first.

 Thanks a lot to ...Read more

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Rule Number 1

 So after Yung Yung missed the smal spanish fiesta I organized in my apartment in Hk (what? there was a spanish party? Yes, there was...but I will blog about it some other day) we finally got a chance to meet up. She called me up to join her and some AnDers at the premiere of Rule no1


 The movie started really good...but half way it went down and was more thriller than horror...

 Anyways, the important thing is that it was fun~~

 Weird thing, is not the first time someone looks at me and says: wow, u are so ski...Read more

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Boat Trip!!!!!

 Now that the typhoon has passed, it's time to remember better times.

 Last Wednesday, Kiki invited me over to a boat trip, my first boat trip in Hong Kong!!! (since I couldnt make it to the AnD one...). And I have to say I had LOTS of fun!!

 The boat was huge...(how come I didnt take any pics of the boat?) 3 flooors, 2 karaokes, etc...

 Then it was FULL of people, 45 if I remember correctly...and most of them didn't speak english. But they still tried, and I tried with my 4 cantonese sentences, so it ended up b...Read more

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Typhoon 9

  Typhoon 9 in Hong Kong...

 So I am stuck at home with Alex watching Doctor Who and How I met Your Mother episodes for the whole day!!!!

 We want to do a Typhoon party...but no one is willing to come... xD

 So...booooooooooooooring and laaaaaaaaazy day...

 So...how do u guys spend the typhoon day? =)

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Marsha Yuan concert

 Last night I went to Marsha Yuan's concert.

 I was supposed to go with a friend, but she called me at the last moment and said she didnt feel well...so I ended up going alone (I even dressed up and everything, something VERY strange in me).

 The concert was amazing, Marsha has a wonderful voice and I hope I can hear her again b4 I leave.

 I have a pair of pictures...Not good ones..I wasnt close to stage, and the new cam..I have no clue how to make it work...

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Spanish racism

 I have been reading several blogs about the spanish racism basketball team ad.

 I saw it, and I find it racist too...but..u wanna know the funny thing? I have been looking in spanish newspapers online, and the ONLY reference to it, it's a few articles saying:

 There's NO racism in the ad, Chinese people say they don't understand what the ad mean, they don't have such gesture in their culture, we had to explain them what does it mean.

 I mean...I like Spain, and I am spanish...but COME ON!!! Spain needs ...Read more

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 Okay, tonight I lost my camera in a taxi. I went to the police, and they sakd I should call the lost and found taxi agency and pay around 700$Hk so they TRY to help me find it...

 Anyone knows if there's any other way?


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  So, two nights ago there was the Undrground Gig. I got to watch Killersoap perform again (twice since I arrived to Hk) and Crazimalz.

 Crazimalz show was amazing, the crowd was really feeling it!!! I had SO much fun!!!

 It seems a pair of people recognized me... but didnt say anything to me!!! Okay, advice for those AnDers in Hk. If u see me anywhere...come and say Hi!!!! AnD is a family =P

 So...here I leave u with some pics from that night

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Good music

  Just a fast update for those of u in Hk.

 This friday there's a cool gig going on in Hong Kong, Crazimalz will play there, check out the details here:


I will be there for sure, I will bring some friends...so if anyone else ...Read more

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Smartan Super Small Show

 As soon as I arrived to Hk, I rushed to my first event in Hk this year, Reni's exhibition. Smartan Super Small Show. Actually I was late...so I missed the very beginning, but...I got just in time =P

 It was fun getting to meet Reni finally, and there I met many of his friends, very nice people, it was so much fun =P

 Now....less words and more pictures, should we?

 It looked very good!!! And many nice people turned up~~

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