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Walking around the spookiest parts of Barcelona...


 Yesterday night a friend called me and asked me to go for a drink. I had a SUPER lazy day, but she said she NEEDED to get out of so many family meetings...so we met downtown.

 We usually go to the pirate bar (usual readers may rememba..) but yesterday night we hit an Irish Pub. 30 mins later we left, scared by the awful singer/guitarist who was killing beautiful classics. When I was abt to throw my bottle and my friend to him, we left.

 We then stopped for a frankfurt (she hadnt had dinner and..I am usually hungry at night anyways) and when we finished and decided to head over the pirate's bar we thought we could walk around a bit since the rain seemed to have given us a break. We walked over the Gothic part of the city, and when we found 2 ways to go, we always went to the creepiest.

 Imagine it, just past midnight, walking through very small streets, only for two people walking side by side, streets made of stone. The streets were all wet and totally silent and empty. Some of them are dark, then we turn around, and we face the Cathedral, with those gargoyles looking down at us in their eternal scream, keep walking and keep finding old buildings, parts of the roman wall, and buildings that seemed to have stopped in time ages ago... Weird enough, we weren't so worried abt getting robbed or anything, our worries seemed to go on what do we do if a vampire jumps on us in any of those dark allies...

 After two hours walking we got into a bar that, to me, it looked like a 70's brothel. And it was expensive for a simple drink -.-U

 Anyways...that was pretty much it.

 Anyone is coming over to Bcn soon and wanna see that part of the city? =P

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Uh, vampires? hehe. Guess only they'd be the ones not afraid of Raul.
about 11 years ago
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hmm that does sound scary!!..
about 11 years ago
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Click clack, shoes on stone walkways :p
about 11 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Does Barcelona have an equivalent of Jack the Ripper? Actually, your description reminds me of the first Mission Impossible movie (Tom Cruise) that takes place in Budapest...spooky indeed!
about 11 years ago


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