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REC and some other stuff

 Well, well, I finally got to watch REC. It was guys night out coz the gf os 2 of my friends went to London for the weekend, so we went to watch REC without the girls, coz they wouldnt have wanted to watch it. When I sat down I was like: Oh crap, 2 teenager girls sitting by my side in a scary movie...

 I will only say that those 2 girls left after 15 mins saying: I can't stand it anymore.

 The movie was really scary, which means it was fun. I really jumped more than once. The movie makes u kinda dizzy for the camera movement..which helps a lot with the clautrophobic setup of the story...and the last scene is really really scary.

 I must say one of the things that appear in the movie is true, the story of a little girl theorically possesed in Portugal...that was in all the news many years ago here.


 Anyways, maybe people outside of spain may not enjoy it as much...coz I think the fact of watching the movie in it's original language (used to every single movie being dubbed) and knowing where everything take splace (two locations I walk by every now and then) makes everything closer and creepier.

 I think I got too much into the movie, so I could enjoy it. Funny was that one of my friends after the movie said: I dun wanna sleep alone....let'¡s go for a drink or anything, coz I dun wanna go directly home or I'll poo in my pants. LOL

 So the night ended up in a nice cocktail bar called "Naranjito" where another friend joined us. A pair of them drunk too much, we laughed a lot, so no one else was scared anymore...I must say I ended up in the floor of a kinds park laughing my ass off coz my friend make me fall from a kids attraction...and no, i wasn't drunk coz I dun drink too much (he was, he was!!!)

 And that's kind of it...I am trying to get my spirits down from seeing that one day u can mean the world to someone, and the next u dont seem to be good enough for a simple conversation. BUUUUUT today I couldnt care less, yesterday I was VERY down, today I dun care, maybe tomorrow I'll simply implode in myself...anyways, I am weird.

 I also watched the new Futurama movie...but that will be for another blog.

 Oh, and I spent my day drawing...after a loooong time....

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wow! lurve horror movies.. gonna watch out for that.. thanks! for blogging it. by the way, hope you'll be happier.. happy drawing.. cheerios!
about 12 years ago
lol!.. thanks! for the comment. =) guess what, have just checked out the trailer... gees.. already giving me da creeps.. especially is all dark around me!.. still very much looking forward to REC tho.. hooo..
about 12 years ago
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I so want to see this movie, and with subtitles, dubbing ruins the effect., sounds great. Hope things get better for you. Keep up the good drawings.
about 12 years ago
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Seriously, i would like to see your drawing :-) Glad you got the feet done!
about 12 years ago
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Hola Raul!!! At last I have managed to get time to view your blog, I have just read this entry and I have to admit que esta currao, jajaja!!! I want to watch REC, but after reading this...you see, I sleep alone!! hahahahaha!!! I don't want to get drunk so as to be able to sleep, hahahaha!!! The other day I watched Silent dead and it was...uuuuhmmm...scary! I enjoyed it very much!hahaha!! By the way, where have you watched Futurama!! me muero de ganas de verla, no me digas que esta en cines y no me he enterado!! ARGH!! Well, I leave you now, I'm going to bed (compartimos huso horario, jajaja! son casi las 2 y el despertador no perdona!!) I hope I manage to catch up soon!! Take care, ok? PS: perdona que no me haya pasado antes, pero soy un desastre para estas cosas...sorrysooorryyyy!!
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