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I just finished watching Protégé, and I have to say "wow".

 I think it's a movie u either like it or hate it...It's very crude, very realistic down to earth pain. Many movies have talked abt drugs, and drug-dealers, but very few of them go so deep into it. You see it from the cops view, from the dealer's view, and from the addicts point of view...It gives u a huge perspective about it.

 The movie gives u an image of "dirty", the appartments, the characters clothes, their look, everything around them looks dirty...I think that helps a lot with the atmosphere.

 I have to say one thing..for those of u who have seen it: who do u believe? Louis Koo or Jingchu Zhang (does she have an english or cantonese name?)? I say it because both give the same story..but the viewer is taken into believeing her first. I am taking a class on gender studies, and we just read a story written by an arab-amerrican woman writer abt this issue ("The spiced chicken queen of Mickawequah"). I, of course, believe the story of the mother first...

 One thing I didnt like is...Daniel Wu is obviously the main character in the movie, he has more minutes on screen, and he leads the story...then... ¿why does Andy is the main image in the poster? I mean, I do like Andy (that's obvious seeing my nickname) but...not fair this time.

 Those of u who saw it,...did u like the movie? =)

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This film is pretty good and different from the dreck coming out of HK. Andy's got a bigger profile bc he's ANDY LAU. And DW was very pretty in it. I put up my opinion in the forum.
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I haven't seen it yet, but now that's on the top of my list.
over 12 years ago
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yes, I also feel not fair for Daniel, and I think his performance was better than Andy's.
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I LOVE DANIEL WU IN PROTEGE!!! hee. Yep, Peachey is right as Andy Lau is more 'senior' than Dan Wu. But Dan Wu (as i was attempting to email him), is surely taking over as the Big Thing in HK entertainment circle. Duncha find the way he 'took over' Andy in reel life is the same in REAL Life as well ? ;) GO DANIEL!!!
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HAHA..I give you some snacks to eat!!~~
over 12 years ago
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I hvnt seen it~but i m looking forward to it after ur review!~
over 12 years ago
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i want to ask how to add you be my fd??
over 12 years ago
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lols how did you find your way to this site?
over 12 years ago
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i watched it too : ) - during CNY ... ^_^:"
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Saw it, loved it, and I agree with you (on all aspects!)... Yes, I believe the girl first too... And Daniel Wu's totally the main character!!!
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I or like that calling trainspotting the movie
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it seems that u really like asian movies.as a chinese,it makes me feel proud.i've also seen " the protege".it is indeed fascinating, and danniel is really a wonderful actor.by the way,i like the kiddo in the movie very much.
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i believed the mother too. she seemed more sincere. and she actually did try for a bit to quit. but then again...both were desparate druggies, willing to say/do anything for another hit. that's what made the film good, the fact that it leaves you guessing. and in response to why andy lau was the main image - i think that's just good advertising skills. he has the bigger following, and the main purpose of the poster is to entice ppl to watch the film.
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I love that one !
over 12 years ago
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I already bought the vcd directly from Hong Kong but did not find the time to watch it yet - I think I have to take the time to watch it soon - you make me curious about this film ;)
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