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Pink elephants fly upside down

It seems no one liked the last stupid vid I posted...

 This time I'll post a Star Wars vid which I find funny...and since it's Star wars more people may like it...

 I sent it to a pair of friends..and they laughed too...I have to test videos b4 posting them here =P


  Now, for those of u who havent checked it yet, D'in has a new song I like a lot... so  go check it and tell him what you think about it =)

 I dont have pics for now...but soon I will =D

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Er, that was stupid also. ;D
about 12 years ago
of course that's stupid..that's why it's funny =p yeeehaaaa xDDD
about 12 years ago
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Um honey I don't get your humor. I still love you though xoxo
about 12 years ago
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vid test huh....hehe =)
about 12 years ago
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long time no see~want to see!but I can't load it!
about 12 years ago
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Lol...very very funny!! Thanks for making my day!
about 12 years ago
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about 12 years ago


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