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Killing a Dragon makes you Famous

Yesterday, april 23rd, in Barcelona we celebrated a catalan tradition. The day of Sant Jordi (Saint George).

 It's the celebration of a legend.

 Once upon a time there was a small kingdowm that one day was attacked by a dragon. That dragon asked for a virgin girl to eat every week. And the king sent all the army to kill him...they were destroyed.

 The king sent messengers to other kingdoms asking for help. All the messengers were eaten by the dragon.

 And then the months passed, and the king had to sacrifice his own daughter, the beautiful princess of the kingdom. She was sent alone to the dragon's cave. On her way she met a knight on a shiny armor on a black horse. He asked him where was she going all alone, and she told him the whole story.

 He promised to help her and defeat the dragon...but the princess didnt have high hopes. When the knight arrived to the dragon's lair, he defied him. The dragon sneared and laughed at the tiny human who wanted to kill him, one of the most poweful dragons of this part of the great kingdoms...

 The battle lasted for hours, untill the knight impaled the dragon's throat with his spear.

 From the blood a rose sprout, and with that rose, the knight called Jordi, asked for the princess hand.

 They married and they lived happily ever after.

 The legend tells that kingdom was near Barcelona, and so for this day, guys give girls a rose, and girls give guys a book. The city is full of roses and flags. And all around u can see bookstores opened, and every girl waslking around, shows her rose proudly.

 We do have strange holidays, but I like this one ^_ ~

 PS: Note to peachey leng lui. I'll do the 6 weirs things list in my next post. Promise.

 PS2: I'll post some pics of this day soon.


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yeah so prodly xD.. the only rose i got was from the women who was distributing roses at gym XD of course at work my partners thought my boyfriend has gave it to me he! (and yes, i've failed all my english grammar tests - - y me tire mas d 3 minutos para konjugar los pokos verbos ke eskribi en 4 lineas XD lol)
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That was interesting to know :D funny and weird story but Interesting! :D and of that Spain has a holiday??? How cool! :D hm...
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