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Hong Kong in summer... can anyone help me?

Hi Hi, this is me blogging again..twice in a week, it's hard to believe uh?

 Now that I am free of exams..I am not free of stress yet :p Yesterday I finally got my tickets for Hong Kong, I arrive there on June 28th (yup, that's next week) and I will leave on September 7th.

 I am having serious difficulties on one thing though...finding a shared appartment...I checked 5 different websites, and I couldn't find anything around wanchai, central, causeway bay..or around that area (since my school is in Wanchai). So, I want to ask all of you who are or have been in Hk...do you know any other ways to find shared rooms in Hong Kong? I found 3 expat websites...and not much else. Does anyone know websites for that? Or any places where I can find shared rooms ads once I am in Hk? Or do you have any friends who are looking for a roomate or may know someone who does?

 Thanks a lot, any info will be very much welcome.

 I think that's all for now...just stressed with that, and with the hostel I have to book for the first days...>"<

 Why is everything so hard when u have to move on ur own to a new country even if it¡s only for 2 months? @.@

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Hehe~~ I can't help you ^^ bless you .
over 12 years ago
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u can try looking around universities, the closest one to wan chai is HKU if some non-local student goes home during the summer, may want to sublet the flat. most Unis in HK have BBS for mainland students, that's where they usually go looking for shared flats. the problem is they r in chinese, so you'll need to find your way there
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Hey, thanks Sinisa!! That would prove a bit difficult with my chinese-beginner level though, haha ^^U I'll keep asking, thanks again!! ^^
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sorry but sinisa told you some useful things maybe. and ,you need a GPS on body. joking
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hmm, ya i dunno about trying to rent a place for just two months...
over 12 years ago
Uhmm..actually I am not trying to rent..just to find someone who already has a place and is looking for a roomate...someone told me I should check Hk Magazine for that... Anymore ideas? =) THanks everybody ^^
over 12 years ago
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how about last year? u come to HK every summer~ yes?
over 12 years ago
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Im not free of exams,I am not free of stress too...) have a nice vacation!
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andy , there's some phone numbers .maybe it will help you when you stay in HK. 紧急服务 火警、报案、急救:999 警察询问处:25277177 服务机构 香港旅游发展局旅游热线(多国语言):25081234 消费者委员会:29292222 香港旅游业议会:28070707 香港国际机场:21818888 入境事务处:28246111 香港邮政:29212222 卫生署:29618989 电话查询 查询电话号码:(广东话)1083,(普通话)1088 海外长途电话(受话人付款):10010 国际直拨电话(IDD)及电话卡服务查询:10013
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thanks coolcoco ^^
over 12 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
so what's your budget? I try look for you~~~
over 12 years ago
hey, thx Din. I am in a 3000-4000$hk for a shared appartment.. When I was there 3 or 4 years ago I found one around that price in wanchai. I'll be in Hk on thursday already ^^ Found a cheap hostel in causeway bay for 4 nights
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