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 Okay, now, there's 2 big gigs going in Hong Kong soon:

 One is X-Japan's, which I am soooooooooooo sad I can't go. I hope I can make it to Paris to see them if they ever confirm it...

 And the second is: Eccentric's EP Release!!!!!!


One of the coolest bands in town will release their first EP just one day before my birthday!! And I am NOT there to support!! >"< So, if any of u are in Hong Kong on Jan 23rd...go by and enjoy!!!!

 Now a wonderful copy paste from their blog so u know where u have to go =P

  Eccentric Presents! Eccentric EP release concert. 

CD available on show

All songs of Eccentric, from 2004 to 2008, will be performed. Including 5 songs form the EP.

January 23, 2009! Mark it on your calendear and Don't Miss It !!!****

Eccentric 將於1月23日 推出樂隊首張EP並舉行專輯發佈演唱會.


當中包括 EP 內收錄的所有曲目.

萬勿錯過! AnD in case u are not convinced yet...uhmm...what else can I say?... Uhmmmm...ooh, yeah!! HARDPACK will be opening for them!! come oooon, what else do u need???

 I'll leave you with a small teaser:

  Actually if u surf my blogs, u can see a pair of vids of them from last summer =PEnjoy and make me jealous saying how it went!!!!

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I saw the X-Japan on the newspaper.. are they a rock group?? the guys look kinda scary.. lol....
about 11 years ago
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Too &quot;heavy metal&quot; for my taste :p
about 11 years ago
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ha ha, they're opening?!? (according to them!) i just asked them to play! not open! ;-)
about 11 years ago
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i know...i want X to confirm the paris date too. they should come to the uk!
about 11 years ago
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it's so cool how you're so updated!... even more than i am! ;b
about 11 years ago


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