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 Okay,I have to take quite an important decision b4 December 24th.

 I have been offered a scholarship to Taiwan, to study there one year, One may say Yayy, great, cool, go and take it!! Yeah, well, it's no rainbow and shiny stars. The scholarship will ONLY pay me the University Fee, and NOTHING ELSE. That means I'ld have to pay everything else, from flight ticket, to appartment, to food, to everything.

 That means if I go I gotta take a loan and live in a REAAAAALLY low budget for a whole year.

 Also if I take the scholarship, it will take me one more year to graduate from this second degree since the only thing I can study in taiwan is chinese, I can't take any of my normal classes there.

 Then if I do that, when I come back I acn't access to the scholarship to work in HK after I graduate, but this is not even sure, because I may not be able to access to it anyways.

 And the pros? Well, it would be a really good chance to learn chinese once and for all, a chance I may not have after I graduate.

 So...anyone knows how can I split in two? =D

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well, maybe you should just stay where you are and graduate within 1 year ,. instead of wasting another year.. and MONEY!!.. u can learn chinese anytime...... w/o going to school..
about 11 years ago
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Hmm, I'd nail down this part: "Then if I do that, when I come back I acn't access to the scholarship to work in HK after I graduate, but this is not even sure, because I may not be able to access to it anyways." I personally regret not studying abroad, but I know I wouldn't have been able to make a different decision anyways when I was in school. However, debt is bad....
about 11 years ago
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arghhh, crisis indeed!! it's seems like a great opportunity and you'll always kick yourself (regretting) that you hadn't taken the chance...well, my way of making decisions always falls on this... Life is black and white and never grey...meaning it's either one or the other and NO 'maybe's'. If you choose to do it, you go all the way and accept whatever consequences that may lie ahead afterwards. If you are still uncertain, don't do it. At all. You should only take the 'gamble' (if you wanna see it as that), if you are confident enough that whatever happens, it was for what you wanted to achieve at the final end, and that you'll still be happy and grateful knowing you had gained an experience of something different. Erm, if you moved, it'd be harder for me to visit you! :( BUT if you go, it'd defo be an adventure!! ^__^ oh by the way, I'm thinking of planning a visit to barcelona soon! ^__^
about 11 years ago
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If it is China, I mean some parts of them, I would have encouraged you to go as the cost of living has not caught up yet. Taiwan is a different ball game. Too expensive to stay for a year without regular income. Stay where you are and look for opportunities after graduation.
about 11 years ago
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I wish there is a way to split the wonderful you in two. I'm not sure my own experience will help but awhile back, I was offered to relocate to HK (my favorite city in the world I must add) and at the end, pros and cons, I decided to stay where I am because just moving so I can learn Chinese the proper way and live in a city I love to travel to is not enough. So you know what I would say in your situation....even with a paying job, I can't do it. Giving up everything for such a greater risk, I think it might be something worth to hold off. Good luck Raul
about 11 years ago
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Taiwan is a good place!
about 11 years ago
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I think that I should have taken the job from Japan like 6y ago... but I didn't.. crap
about 11 years ago
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Well it's a hard one. I am from Taiwan originally and I am sure people will love you there! But Skinph55 is right, it can get expensive there depeding on which city you are going to - is it Taipei or other cities? I guess the main thing is to if you can sustain your life there with limited financial support... Good luck~
about 11 years ago
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hard life is always memorable! cheer up frd! it's gd tht u can spend time to study esp overseas! wht kinds of thing r u going to study? in TW, many things r not expensive. esp those food n dressing. tht's true, trust me ! u can enjoy eating much while r u paying less.
about 11 years ago
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woah .... hmmm.......can you do a part time job?
about 11 years ago
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hm, a friend of mine from madrid did exactly the same thing around 7 years ago, same scholarship. now he lives in taipei still ;) be careful what you wish for! :D
about 11 years ago
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probably u'll get some other opportunity to work in HK while you're in Taiwan...i've never been to Taiwan, so i can't really tell...but u'll get to learn about Taiwan while you're there, probably u'll like it too...and i've heard all a lot about the food variety there...
about 11 years ago
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hmmm. tough decision.
about 11 years ago
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i see...but probably you'll still bump into some chances that can still wait for you until you finish off the remaining 1 year...who knows right? the future is full of surprises... good luck in whatever you choose~
about 11 years ago


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