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Comic Convention in Barcelona

 The 25th Barcelona Comic Convention is starting tomorrow. I work there at a publishing house. Not bad, work selling comics is kinda fun...well, it's fun at the beginning, after 8 hours u are dead and u just wanna kick everyone out... But anyways.

 Today we spent 5 hours getting the stand ready with the tons of heavy loads of japanese comics. Then the boss came and said everything was wrong and made us change everything again (yoohooo, don't stop the fun!!!) Anyways, after 2 more hours of working, I could finally get some food (having lunch at 6pm is weird). Ate some kebab and get back home.

 Then I drunk a pair of litres of water, stared at the wall for a few minutes to rest...and thern back to work!!!

 Yeah, my other job is for a publishing house of chinese comics. I'm taking care of the full edition of Dragon Tiger Gate -The Movie- comic. Gotta work on the sounds dessign, and the correction of the translation, put all the words on their right place, etc. Quite hard work, but fun.

 After a pair of hours of work I decided I had to stop, and couldn't eat any dinner coz I was still full.

 Played Hotel Dusk Room 215 for an hour, cool game for DS!!

 Now writing this and thinking abt getting some chocolate...wondering how can I be hungry at all...

 And tomorrow...have to work at the comic convention for 12 straight hours, yoohooo!!! -_-U At least I hope I can get in touch with the boss of another publishing house and ask him for a signature from Steve McNiven, a great artist from Marvel.

 Anyways, long entry that no one will probably read lol

 If u do, enjoy!!!

 ps for myself: sh*t, forgot to update the  asian cinema blog!! >"<

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What, may I ask, are the stupid questions you have to answer over and over again? I used to have to answer the comparison questions - how does this product or capability differ from that product, how does this product compare against your competitor's, etc. Just enjoyed the travel and entertainment with cowokers.
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long long entry, hehe. btw,those pix were taken when i was in YunNan.Which is a very beautiful province of south china.^^
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Hey Raul! You have been tagged to post a blog of 6 Weird Things about you. Visit my blog of my 6 weird things (http://alivenotdead.com/16256/viewspace_981.html). Look forward to your blog on this subject.
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