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Cheer up

 I seem to have many friends here passing through a difficult moment, so here I leave a video for those of u feeling down, it won't help at all, but it will make u all smile and say "awwwwwwww"

 And you guys know who is this from...go and cheer up, will u???

 Btw, if u haven't yet, go check my last blog and take some time to read the best love story ever =)

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I like it thanks ,,,it does make me feel good ,,, well,, good to hear ,you would write more in the future ,,, I like reading the ancient mythology when I was young,,and may be you could make them more suitable for adults to read,, there are others love stories in it too ,,
about 12 years ago
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aww that's sweet. I love how that one meet that one up again and took his or her hand. That's sooo sweet. I wanna be an otter. awwwwww
about 12 years ago
Valeerie a8 valeriee
awwww................. it"s so sweet. yeah certainly make me smile. i read your love story. you wrote well... indeed beautiful. better to focus on more stories k, leave e music aside first. haha...
about 12 years ago
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No difficult moments here. Maybe when I get home and have to face Mr. Peachey. He's not usually in the best of moods when I come back from a trip. Odd, isn't it? You'd think he'd be one of the happiest people around to see me. Maybe bc I'm really an evil person and you can't tell through my blogs. haha. ;D
about 12 years ago
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that's so nice of you.... i'm having a difficult moment.. trying to make more money to pay off those xmas gift debts lol
about 12 years ago
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about 12 years ago
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Aww that was so cute. Thanks for sharing.
about 12 years ago
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awww... how cute! =D
about 12 years ago
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aww..very very sweet.
about 12 years ago


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