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A weekend full of movies...


Last weekend I watched 3 movies...and all of them strange.

 First one is The Return by Sarah Michelle Gellar. I am her fan since Buffy the Vampire Sñayer..but the movie is one of the worst things I watched in months...

 Then I went with friends to watch The Fountain. A strange movie by Hugh Jackman and directed by Darren Aronofsky. It's as weird as any of his movies...but I liked it, make su think..and think..and think...and know u didnt understand a thing xD

 Then it was like 1,30am and we went' to my friend's place to..er..watch a movie lol. It was a crappy 90's horror movie, So we ended up talking and playing Wii untill 5 am.

 Next day I asked a friend to go to the beach with me..but it was rainning when we woke up...so no luck -_-

 Now tomorrow I'll go watch Spiderman 3 with them again...and see if I make them watch The Protégé...(not on cinemas, of course, I'm not that lucky...) I didnt have the chance to watch it yet.

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i'll probably go watch SM3 too and then more to go... pirate of carribean .. ocean13...blah
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I just finished watching "the fountain"! Thank you for recommending it. Another Hugh Jackman's fantastic performance after "the Prestige". It was an intelligent film, but it wasn't really that hard to understand . =)
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Okay, i only saw the film once so im not sure about this. The future Tom wasn't actually on that book. That scene is merely telling us that both present tommy & future Tom has finally accepted death. That part of the book was never written by Izzi, it was Tommy writing the ending, w/c means he had finally accepted Izzi's death, the same w/ future Tom finally realizing that death was the eternal life & was going to the nebula to reunite w/ his dead wife. But if we disregard that the future Tom exist. then I should say we have the same opinion that the future one was Tommy's sub-conscious. Here, he's hoping not only to save Izzi but also Queen Isabella.
over 12 years ago
haha! no, its really not confusing. No matter how it seems to be, the story will only lead us to one conclusion & that is, death is inevitable & part of life.
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