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I'm back from Phuket :D

Hello Everyone!  Sawasdee Ka :)  I just got back from a short trip to Phuket, Thailand!  It was so hot there!  Everyday is 25 to 26 degrees, and the sun is shining, yay!  I got a bit of a tan~  I stayed in Patong Beach, a very beautiful, clear-water beach.  I picked up many shells as well!  Oh did I tell everyone that I am a shell collector??  I have over 1000 shells now, from beaches all around the world!  Anyway, let me show you guys some pictures :)

Here's me on Patong Beach :)

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Exhibition coming UP!!

Hello everyone!!

I have a joint exhibition coming up in 柴灣永泰道70號柴灣工業城2期3樓09室

I hope you guys can come and support la


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Thank you so much!!!!!  To all my fans and friends, I had the most wonderful birthday celebration with you all.  It was so much fun :D  Thank you ar, to all my fans, for your gifts, cards and yummy cake :)  So happy and touched by you all~

Here's me with a chocolate cake from my fans :)

So pretty ne :)~

Another small sponge cake heeeeee :D

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More Updates!

So happy!  我生日就快到啦﹗coming up this Saturday March 1st :D  Anyway, let me update what I did the past few days sin! :)

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for PM Magazine, wearing my company's brand John Richmond's clothings! Very nice indeed :D (This is a 1 piece dress I'm wearing~)

Then the days before, I sang at the 沙田綵燈迎馬術綜合晚會 :)  Its really cold that night! 

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More Updates!!

Had a wonderful time going to 新城電台團拜!! Got some "lai see" too, yay :D

Elane B, Sher Sher and Me~

Then we did a Chinese Poster design, right on the spot!  I drew the mouse, which turns out looking like a rabbit-cat

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Hi this is 萱寧 Ama :) I'm a painter and a singer. Art & Music are the two greatest passion in my life~ I cannot choose between the two so I do both~

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