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Paintings for sale!!

Hello Hello Everyone!


Anyone interested in original uinque paintings?  I'm selling my paintings at very resonable prices and delivery is available as well, local and international.  Feel free to browse my website: http://amatistic.artistportfolio.net/ Commissioned painting service is also available.  Everything is customized!  Best for gifts, decorating homes etc.  Specializes in Oil, acrylic and ink.  Feel free to let me know what you want, and I&...Read more

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Help the people in Sichuan!

By now I'm sure everyone knows about the horrible disaster in Sichuan and Myanmar.  They all need our help to donate some money.  Here are some charities that we can all donate our money into to help the ones in need:

Red Cross

HK – (852) 2802 0021

PRC – (8610) 6513 9999


HSBC: 567-650155-016

Heng Seng: 267-175-123001

BOC: 806-0000-1617


Medecins Sans Frontieres

HK – (852) 2338 8277  / (852) 2959 4229  


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Beijing :)


Wow Beijing is impressive.  Such cultural diversity there!!  Everything about Beijing is not what I expected of~  Its so much more vibrant and the city is HUGE!!  Lots and lots of walking for sure...

Anyway, here are some pictures I took in this beautiful city:

Here's me picking out fake antiques at the anqitue market Pan Jia Yuan(i love antique markets!)

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My Beijing Trip

What a wonderful city Beijing is!! The food, the sceneries, the people, the art, everything in Beijing is extraordinary!  I had so much fun just walking around the city, and every corner there's something so special about this historical place.  Although, they have torned down a lot of old villages and replaced them with tall commercial buildings, but somehow this place still remains its essence of being China's capitol city.

The only thing that really bugs me is the sand dunes.  Its horrible when it gets windy~  And please do...Read more

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Random pics from Olympic MV shooting

Here are some pics taken during the Olympic MV shooting:  Well for a fact I know someone up high on the those cylinders took this one while I was meditating!! (Vega)

My view of all the folks ~ 

Good God its hot!  Don't even bother figuring out what Casey's face looked like by now, after an hour under the sun hee hee

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Going to Beijing!!!

I'm soooooooo happy cuz I'm heading to Beijing tomorrow morning!! Early early in the morning though...>.<  But what the heck, its my 1st time to Beijing!! YAY!!  I'm going to join local tours to see the monuments they built for the Olympics...probably run around Forbidden City and of course 798 and other art districts and most of all EATEATEAT!! Yum!

Anyway, I need to inspire myself these days, so hopefully I can get something out of this Beijing trip.  Just go to my art page if you want to see my art!!  It won&#...Read more

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~Hello Everyone~

Hi everyone!  This is Amabel, or you can also call me Ama or 萱寧.  I'm an artist and a singer.  I love painting and I love singing, mostly jazz, blues, funk and soul music.  My style of painting is often categorized as Surrealism, but I'd like to say I'm always revolving~  Anyway, you guys can check out my art website here:  http://amatistic.artistportfolio.net/

Anyway, let me know what you think of my art.  Will post more of my updates soon!

Chee...Read more

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Charlie Brown Day!

Today is such an enjoyable day!  Had a gathering with my fans at Charlie Brown Cafe~  We all had the same food!  Spaghetti Bolognaise!! >.< 

The idiotic glasses I'm wearing~  I do look cool in them though, i think :p

Then we head down to Toy 'r' us!  I love this place.  We had so much fun just fiddling with toys...I wish I can buy everything in there~

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Hey everyone!  Tomorrow I'll be attending the 博愛寵物嘉年華08 in 九龍公園露天廣場 :)  The event starts at 12pm until 5pm and I'll be there around 2pm :)  I'll be bringing Gobi, one of my darling doggie :) See you!!


Ama :)

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~Exhibition Week~

Hmmm...who are these people le? Sitting next to my painting hee hee :)

Snap shot of me in the outdoor area of Apero Yo exhibition~

What a great week before the holidays begin!  I went to two exhibitions, one of them is the Chanel Mobile Art exhibit, and the other one is my joint exhibition in Chai Wan :)

The Mobile Art exhibit is not bad for the first 5 minutes actually, cuz t...Read more

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Hi this is 萱寧 Ama :) I'm a painter and a singer. Art &amp; Music are the two greatest passion in my life~ I cannot choose between the two so I do both~

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