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I finally created a myspace page for myself :)

You guys can check it out and I will keep updating some new songs I got, or stuff i've been working on~



Ama :)

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Oh My God

Come on guys, you gotta remember this!  (well probably not the younger ones born after 1982). Anyway, brain storm!!

http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=MxN_pbMOFk0 :)

I remember listening to this song all through primary school...especially during design and technology class taught my Ms. Ward.  God  Ms. Ward if you ever came across to this blog, yea that's how i remember you, because of Vanilla Ice.

What about this one?

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Freezin' my ass off

So another day goes by. How's everyone doing? I have absolutely no idea who looks at my blog by the way, but nonetheless its good to have a source to vent whatever its in you isn't it? Internet is just so great. Everyone is bound to be slaves for the computer. Its inevitable. You need it, but it may not need you. Oh well. Anyhoo, i'm busy making some painting and some music on the side. Chilling myself off, cuz its just so cold. Well its not THAT cold comparing to Alaska or well somewhere closer, Toronto. But still,...Read more

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Wow its been too long!! I know i'm terrible at updating~ Anyway here are some pictures I took at my gig last month at the Fringe Club.


Doing my "Victory" sign... :p


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November 8th, 2008

My beloved fans and friends,

How time flies when you least expect it.  Everything is changing..the weather, politics, the economy, i got a hair cut..well you name it.  I bet you all changed a bit as well.

Well guess what?  I'm singing again on November 8th, 2008, starting at 10.30pm at the HK Fringe Club.  Please feel free to come, if you're around town. 

I open my arms and heart to welcome you~

And I will sing with my heart, I promise.

Thats all, for now.

Hope to see you all then!Read more

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To my dearest Fans~

Dear all,

Its been a while since I last updated, about my life...1000 apologies.  I did not want to dissapear like this, but I had to for my own reasons.

Nonetheless, i still miss you all so much. 

Let me update...well I've been extremely busy.  Working on art!  Art business if you want to know in exact.  I'll tell you more when I'm ready.  And I am still working on my music.

Its still going, no matter what. 

May not be something you'd expect.  But its what I believe in.

So n...Read more

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Very Creative!! Something to lighten up you day~ :)

Check this out everyone!! And please turn up your volume as you watch it :)  Enjoy!!!



Ama :)

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Affordable Art!

Please come and support by buying affordable art for the ones in need~  My painting is called "Hope"; hope you'll like it (if you are consider buying it!!!)

Thanks in advance!


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In Memory of Jerry Kwan





關晃先生(1934-2008)為本港畫壇廣受敬重的前輩,終生致力藝術創作,以油畫為主要媒介 ,表達其人生的所見所感。關先生在七十年代前赴美國進修藝術 ,畢業於俄亥俄州哥倫布藝術及設計學院和紐約州雪城大學 ,在當地旅居二十餘年,其間曾參與無數展覽,並在一九九五年獲美國 聯邦藝術基金獎。一九九七年回港後,關先生仍然創作不絕 ,同時在香港理工大學、香港藝術中心藝術學院和香港中文大學任教 ,桃李滿門,深受學生愛戴。


關先生不幸於上月辭世,他在藝術界的朋友、學生特別為他舉辦了紀念 展覽,以表達對他的懷念。紀念展覽得到不少畫廊及朋友借出關先生的 作品,同場也會展出與關先生有關的文章、照片及資料 ,讓各界人士能再次親睹這位本地藝圈中堅人物的畫作 ,回看一位藝術家堅毅持久的創作道路。







二零零八年七月一日至二日(上午十時至晚上八時)Read more

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A great way to help people in Sichuan and Myanmar!

Hi everyone~  Long time no see :)  Many of you would probably be figuring out, where the hell did Ama go?  But hey, I'm still alive :)  So thats good news!  I'm just really busy putting my time into art right now.  I will, honestly, be away from the music scene for an indefinite time, but who knows rite?  Maybe I'll come back again with my second album, when I'm ready or when the time is right.  But all you fans out there should be really happy for me!  Because I am really happy that I am dev...Read more

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Hi this is 萱寧 Ama :) I'm a painter and a singer. Art & Music are the two greatest passion in my life~ I cannot choose between the two so I do both~

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