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Ciphurphace will show you to your maker

James Ciphurphace is a hard-working hip-hop wordsmith whose rhymes often reflect back on that time when rap music was much less commercial, and rap artists seemed to place more emphasis on the 'art' portion of the title. Ciphurphace himself embodies this period on "How to MC," a heavenlyKoncept Jones-produced track on the Arizona mic controller's ambitious sophomore album, . Riding deep in the groove – seemingly in the spirit of Wu-Tang's GZA drivin' a topless Bentley down the autobahn – the "swAZian" microphone fiend from Tucson waxes metaphoric on the challenges of staying true to the art of meaningful rap music. For a no commitment test drive of Ciph's newly-released , download "How to MC" and "Maker" for free-ninety-nine by clicking on the links below. – SP

Ciphurphace – How to MC Ciphurphace – Maker

And for more information about the Ciphurphace album, , click here.

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United States
March 26, 2010