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San Diego Comic Con


My apologies this has taken me so long to get up, as everything has been really hectic in the last 2 weeks since I got back, but I thought I would finally put up something about my trip to exhibit at San Diego Comic Con.

Comic Con is kind of an insane experience! People call it the geek convention of the world, but in reality it goes far beyond that. No doubt it holds more than it's fair share of lifelong comic fans (often referred to by misunderstanding non-believers as geeks), however nowadays Comic Con goes way beyond the small and focussed fair to promote comics and artists and bring hardcore fans together that it was years ago. These days it is the premiere international bridge between the comic, games, movie and merchandise industries. An incredibly vibrant event, it is full to bursting with everyone from your neighbourhood kid, to the world's most famous stars, producers, directors and of course the ever amazing Stan Lee.

Walking around the booths you are quietly amazed at the unbelievable range and extent of creativity which is showcased across these 4 industries, with more and more often the original inspiration and creativity coming primarily from the comics field. Gone are the days when comics where adults only read in the hidden quiet of their spare rooms while their wives slept, guilt and enjoyment hanging equally over them, now comics are the driving force behind the most original creativity to hit films, games and merchandise in years and it's all there at the SD Comic Con!!!

Now enough blathering, time for some photos!

A glimpse of a typical corridor of the event. Now imagine 13 halls full of this:

Yours truly working hard:


Star Wars is always HUGE at these events:

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