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When first working on the concept of our new series DevaShard, one of the earliest decisions we took was to create our entire world first before working on the stories in detail.

This meant drawing up a map for the full world, then we had to work out the trajectory of the sun and three moons we had decided on and what effect this would have on the weather patterns and climates of the different parts of the world. Through this process we could decide whether different areas would be green and fertile, covered in ice or raw deserts. Finally we divided the world up into the different lands and outlined the appearances, clothing, customs and history of the various peoples of our world.

We decided to call it Bhumi , which in Sanskrit means both the ground and the Earth.

The images that follow are the full map of Bhumi and then a close up on each of the different lands.

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well, WOW. Doin all this before actually starting is really hard work..I always try to do the fun parts first =p
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
feels like a video game!
almost 12 years ago
Photo 62424
Yeah, we'd like to do a video game out of it. We did make a really simple flash game based on Risk to help people get familiar with the different lands. You can check it out at www.bhumi-world.com/risk
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