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Would appreciate a lot if you can spare me a few minutes!

Hi peeps,I am doing a school research and would be grateful if you could watch a music video followed by answering some questions through the survey link below. Your responce is important to me. Please help by spreading it around. Thank you!


http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8MK2PFXVideo: Read more

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Endless pursuit of nothingness

The things in life

the wonders of the world

nothing compares to the warm embrace

of the knight giving amour.

Songs heals, beauty appease and friend comforts

Love does it all but also cause you to need them more.

The game is spinning in my head

the castles are too high in the air

how do I reach them

when I'm not given my wings to fly

Promises are spoken vows

or just convenient empty words

Watching them disppear into the air

<...Read more
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BP Spills Coffee

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AAa0gd7ClM It's so funny~~

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If only I could see the way you do

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ZmTKRyInc Sometimes when you come to a stop,

feeling like you don't know how to continue,

let the music ease the torments n stress,

before you begin a new journey in life.

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Life's like that

We rush, we splash around, we walk through life not having the time to stop in our tracks and really think about life. Why am I walking down this street to work when I could be somewhere I will be most happy? Why am I talking to a moron when I could be with people I love? Because time is money and money is the essence to live.

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Blog: Thursday, Sep 11

When I need you, you are not there

Nights are lonely, days are long

You think it's alright, but it's not

You think everything waits for you

You think you own the world

There's a time when everything snaps

Everything goes down with the rain

Wet and non-replaceable again

You think it's alright but it's not

You think you still own the world

Now when you want to start the race

I'm aready done and broke my leg

I'm tire...Read more

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And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control

It seems that you become what you face everyday. Some people live in the world of tv, like my mum. But u gotta give credit that she's much more knowledgable than me through her Nat Geo and Animal Planet watchings. But I feel she's too fiction and dreamy in her world right now with all those korean dramas...  

Some lives in the world of parties and behaves like how alcohol moves, swirling and splashing on the floor when it gets too much. Some lives in music and has a ...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Aug 31

Went for a movie marathon with mum today, watched both Money No Enough 2 and 12 Lotus, both local films. Honestly I've never watch one movie, laughed till I...Read more

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But if you never try, you will never know

I'm going to HK again next week~ Too bad no clubbing this time round cos I'll be going with mum. But it's ok, will have a great time shopping!

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Sick and tired...

Been in China for almost a month now, omg! Din't realise that time passes so fast~ Can't get used to the weather here yet, cos it's blowing hot and cold here man... I think I'm too used to Singapore's hot weather and the cold wind here just about killed me!

Other than a bad flu that keeps coming back, I'm wrestling with problems w my new Macbook cos I duno how to install windows n other progs into it. Shit... I should just stay with using pc! It's just not enough being a pc-idiot I guess, I have to be a M...Read more

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O, I am Fortune's fool!!!

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