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The Begin of THE END

I shud not post this. but wat to do. New year is here, where the end begin and befgin of the new year...hahahahahaha. (I'm nup crazy)


Be as happy as ya can

Care those u love and appreciate wat ya have

Dun waste any minute

Make some plan

Life is short. Get moving man

Dream big and live to the fullest

At least make some of ur dreams come true in this 4 years (erm, maybe)

Do ya know ......Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Jul 27

Damn it. i typed the whole new post n it's gone, coz from AnD. And i cant type it all over again. coz it was the words from my heart. how can i retype. then it sound so fake. Neh, forget it.

Well, maybe i shud be positive. Text something happy. Well ok. Pls read the below as a refference for a better life:

  1. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the ultimate anti-depressant.

  2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each d...Read more

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Candy Lo盧巧音 @ Malaysia Promo

Candy's Malaysia Promo

date: 21 12 2007

time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

venue: Kbox Karaoke, Ipoh (Malaysia)

回家0 左一段時間。以然好tired 。返0 左理而經有一個星期。無做D 咩野又好悶無得上網。所以家下先update 這個blog 。 I’ve been home quiet some time already, almost 1 week, still feel tired. Just lay back, do nothing. No internet connection, as unsubscribed long ago, affected this blog leave behind.

在hometown 除開對主部電腦做back 最大的MISSION 就係追蹤盧巧音幾Malaysia 怡保宣傳啦。Sorry 呀似左D 0 甜。無怪我呀無得上網又要晒相。而下就係D 相片。。。 At hometown, other than back up my laptop,...Read more

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Testing...music [TRIAL 2]

Testing to insert some songs. Failed previous time. Wont give up. Try this:

Nice song from Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Aizome Futakomori.mp3

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Track de...Read more

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Sunny Day - Remind me of U...


令到想起你 - 你的笑容﹐ 你的存在


永遠記得﹐ 永遠在我的心。。。

  • 舍不得離開這個地方 bcoz of U, my SUN
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Friends 4 Life

Reason to be at alivenodead.com is specially to get connect to my friends. And only those privilege one will be around (sorry for passer-by). And I appreciated this friends around me, when i'm high and low, we share our grieves and joys. Stay with each other even so far away. THANK YOU so much for being here with me... I love ya!!!

A song of us - 3 of us, who been tagged for each other for 10+years. (hehe, alwiz wanted to play this song when i'm around. To...Read more

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How to fold a T-shirt in 5 minutes?

This is cool !!! So so Cool!

Check this out, man!


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YUI - Love & Truth Single >> FANTASTIC

HAHA, i gotta admit it - i love Yui so much. Ever since i gotta know her 1st album, she sound ok, after some time, i realized - Yui is so talented, and her song getting more "ummph". She creates various style and each time it's getting better than the previous. She's getting more mature and strong in term of song writting.

Something about YUI:

Artistic Name: YUI

Birthdate: March 26, 1987

H...Read more

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A MOOD that hard to Describe

Today : 17 09 2007

Mood : Mixed + Grieve ???

Reason : Undecided + Complicated ...

At first, i thought this song sound boring, abit slow...but after watching the mv + the lyrics, it sound so nice.

artist: at17

song: 最難唱的情歌

the lyrics i like best:

尚未得到 哪會失去 我仍害怕有一句

製造難堪的一刻 但請你相信我

就算他日會怎麼 你要記得這首歌

屬於你 屬於我

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EarthQuakes in Java...shaked SG!!!

Yesterday, when i was at home watching tv, suddenly i feel dizzy.

I can feel the floor was moving. I thought the strong wind which cause tis happened.

I dunno the actual cause until my sis back home.

she told me, i said no wonder damn dizzy and feel unpleasant.  - feel a bit uneasy...

Well, since nothing happen over here, i go to bed then.

Hah, this morning was waiting my sis off to work together. I feel it again.

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An UNDERGROUND weirdo!!! TODAY is TODAY!!! tomorrow is a DREAM ...

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