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Hey I have zero visitors! GOOD JOB NICOLE!

So the other day someone pointed out that I should have a personal blog. take that as a compliment :) He said it will be interesting to see what's up with my life because it seems to be interesting

but you know school takes up like fifty thousand percent of my time

and I spend fifth thousand hours a day at the chem library

and hey I do have a blog - ALIVENOTDEAD!!!!!!

yea, I need to go study now...

uh duck

Go study

K thanks BYE!

Love, Read more

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I got into a Grad School Research Program!!!!! YAYYYYY

... so I guess YES you are looking at Dr. Nicole Lai in ... 7 years?

LOL we'll see <3

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I am STUPID!!!!!


It was career center engineering day so I went to the auditorium to see what's up and hoping to find a summer internship. It was really really depressing though because I feel like I'm not nearly competitive enough. :'( I'm so stupid!!! I do try SOO hard though! I go to all of my classes and I go to office hours and I study as much as I can over and over again but i still don't get good grades! Cause of stupid o-chem last year  I now have like a three point NOTHING ( and a much higher UC GPA but who cares? c...Read more

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This is SO CUTE!!!!

Two German children, six and seven, elope for Africa



Mon Jan 5, 12:20 PM              This January 1, 2009 handout from the German ...BERLIN (AFP) - Two childhood sweethearts, aged six and seven, eloped from Hanover in northern Germany on New Year's Eve, determined to tie the knot under the African sun, pol...Read more

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I bet you a hundred dollars, this is weirder than anything you've ever seen at CAL. ( and you have to know that berkeley is WEIRD, right?)



so I was studying at moffitt (just in case, it's a library) today... trying to figure out how to do this chem e problem set (btw, I spent forever and I couldn't figure out a single one of them ='[ ) and something smells oddly familiar out of NO WHERE... I looked around and saw this guy sitting on the foor, reading a book next to his backpack, which had a cord exten...Read more

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Happy B-day TO ME <3 LOL

First... thanks to all my friends; b-day wishes!!! KISSES!!!!

I had my first final today. What a great start for this new year :) I have finally decided that this is going to be the BEST year ever hahaha because of all that shit that happened last year... this one is going to be great! We've been through a lot and can't wait for a new start :) I feel like I am only getting older but not wiser... haha but that's okay.

Finals... at least this will be/ is one b-day that I will actually remember XD not by c...Read more

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I wanna go to grad school...

"Dr. Nicole Lai" that sounds so hot SOOO hot!!! LOL

no seriously, I love school :)

Even though I suck at it :'(

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There goes my freshman year :)

after 2 weeks of Moffitt... (4 finals in the first 3 days of finals!!!) I am DONE with my freshman year and moving onto... hahahahahahhahaha

Here are some of the craziest things that happened in the past 2 weeks of studying...

1) no sleeping is no news...

2) Naked run in MAINSTACKS!!! LOL

seriously I was just trying to study for math that night and all my friends left me cause apparently we have been there for tooooo long... so I was doing more and more vector integral stuff... I heard all these ...Read more

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He died?! Like seriously?!


... and I think we crossed paths that night ...

yea I do have a longer story than that actually has to do with that guy...


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It's so awkward where I live right now... friggin' floorcest!

Why does everything have to be so god damn complicated?

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