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A blurb about the film I wrote for!

Nice mention of Case Number 13 by lead, Mike Manning! "After Cloud 9, you'll be able to see Mike as the lead in the horror flick Case Number 13. "It was the first time I had a film on my shoulders as the protagonist," he said. "The film itself is sort of Stand By Me meets Amityville Horror. Working with director Johnny Martin was amazing. The film has more of an ensemble cast, and he really let the main five guys make the story our own. It sets a new bar for the horror film genre." That movie w...Read more

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That's a Wrap!

The film Andy Cheng and I wrote, "Case Number 13" has gone into production and wrapped! I was asked to come watch a few scenes being filmed in Oakland California and I really had a great time. The cast and crew were wonderful, and "Jay" the Art Director, was kind enough to show me around the historic estate where filming was taking place, even taking me to an area normally off limits to visitors to show me where the crew had filmed earlier.  And now the film has wrapped and on to post production!  Can't wait to see ...Read more

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Going into PRODUCTION!

At last, a screenplay Andy Cheng and I worked on is going into production! Case Number 13 will start filming very soon and I couldn't be happier. Check out the IMDB page: www.imdb.com/title/tt3131050/fullcredits 

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Bad news/good news

Bad news is my proposal for the Beijing screenwriting contest went nowhere. But there's a bright side...it was free to enter, nothing ventured - nothing gained! And since I don't have to take time to fly to Beijing for 7 days, I can use that time to write a better screenplay with my partner  :)   Even better news, The found footage film we wrote has started casting. The producer showed me a couple of audition tapes. So surreal to hear the lines I wrote being read by actors! Guess this one is really going to happen!  Read more

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Here we go again!

Well since I went nowhere with the Bluecat contest, I thought I'd take advice from Pink ("Gotta get up and try try try") So here's the next competition open to residents of the US:  http://writebeijing.org/competition/  Short deadline for a proposal, then if you are a finalist you get to compete with 4 others with your screenplay.  I'm in good company.  James Lew is competing  and we've wished each other luck! 

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3,390... That is how many other screenplays my "Bottom Feeders" is up against in the latest BlueCat Screenwriting competition. Quarter finals are being announced Feb 1. This friday... It's a lot of competition. We'll see... http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com 

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I was going to try and enter the screenwriting competition held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, called the Nichols Fellowship. After all, even writers who make finals have been known to pick up representation and catch the eye of many a producer. But I'm no longer eligible! Because I earned too much on my screenplay for "Blue Hole" (which, last I heard is going into production soon!)  Of course I am happy to have a paycheck for writing and to have my first produced work. Hopefully I'll get some word of mouth by ...Read more

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Been away a while!

Well, I've been a busy gal. My screenwriting is starting to take off.  My partner, Andy introduced me to a producer friend of his who wanted to make a found footage horror movie and needed a writer. Long story short, the script is finished and it may go into production in January!  This producer was happy with my work and kind enough to pass my name on to another producer who needed a writer. He hired me and now I'm finishing up on the final draft for his project!  It feels good to go pro!  :)

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Kim's Eagle Continues to SOAR

A local NBC affiliate posted on Facebook and Twitter that they were preparing to do a special report on bullying and the effects of bullying. I sent in Kim's essay and it impressed them enough that they asked Kim to be on the show. The producers selected  parts of her essay to read but the entire thing can be read on the channel's website here:


On the...Read more

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New description and cover pic

My entry on Amazon Studios has a better logline and a cover photo that my daughter helped me create, artistic lass that she is!  The description might help it win a few more "premise wars" where two descriptions  are shown and readers vote for which film they'd rather see. That and the ratings /reviews all go toward how likely it is that the script will get some attention from the judges each month (or so I've been told!) So please do download and review! Thanks! Read more

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