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Thoughts about whatever 5/28/09

Its been so long since I blogged here but when you have nothing to say you say nothing LOL!I have noticed that moron EX-Vice President DICK (PROPERLY NAMED) Cheney on all these political shows criticizing Obama.DICK has a lot of nerve being part of the worst  corrupted dictatorships/presidencies in American history.At least DICK Bush had the sense to disappear and hopefully not be heard of ever again.Hey Dick didn't you shoot your hunting partner and you got away with attempted murder.He probably disagreed with your imperi...Read more

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Weird dreams

I was on this highway walking as I went further I was writing a report.Someone kept on shooting arrows at my butt and it hurt.I was complaining and gettting mad but no one believed me.Finally I told my brother who was skeptical but he got one through his butt.Guess who the "big bad sniper" was?.....it was Olive Oyl Popeyes girlfriend?Then Popeye appeared I asked him for some spinach after I ate it I through some of my own arrows and hit Olive Oyl off a rooftop.I definitely need to think this over maybe this is a sign that I will get re...Read more

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Pineapples kick ass for fighting asthma

I want to thank my mom for this tip she used to be a nurse.I eat 1 or 2 cans a day and ever since I haven't used my inhaler for a week and I have more energy.I am still researching what is in pineapples that makes it an "asthma BUSTER" I will post my findings later.

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Personalized License Plates

They are everywhere here in Pennsylvania some are funny,some clever ,some arrogant and some inspirational.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving behind this guy his plate said "Y WORRY" and I was figuring out some problems in my life.It gave me a chuckle of inspiration.It was like a sign from God.

Last weekend I saw this guy in a sports car his said "1AHEDAU" it meant "ONE AHEAD OF YOU"It was clever but conceited.

Yesterday I saw that said "OUUCHH" that made me laughRead more

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Has the economy changed your diet?

Has the dwindling American economy changed the way you eat?You can only afford certain foods now when before you could afford anything?Maybe you eat more because you worry when will this recession end or worried about job loss?

For me I mostly shop in the $1 aisle at the Acme.Let's see you can get 20 oz of Powerade or Gatorade,nutrition bars,bags ofs popcorn and chips etc.Also I eat lunch at Taco Bell those 89 cent double beef cheesy burritos are an excellent deal.Its big enough for a meal...and people say Taco ...Read more

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This year our great country is blessed to who TWO Independence Days...the first one happened on January 20,2009 after OUR NEW PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA took the oath.It was like this eight year dark cloud was lifted  and removed above this country.I remeber when the Dixie Chicks were badmouthing Bush a long time ago but they saw the truth long before most of us joined the Bush Haters Bandwagon.There is NOTHING to like about that scumbag Bush.He literally lied,cheated, and stole the 2000 election which Al Gore won.Then h...Read more

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Thoughts on whatever 12/20/08

LMAO on President Bush getting shoes thrown at him...I wish the dude was wearing stilletto heels instead of loafers.But you got to hand to Bush on his quick Jedi ninja reflexes...hell a pair of shoes is easy to duck when you been ducking and dodging issues all the time he has been in office.But I question the Secret Service reaction time?Once the first shoe was thrown they should have been on the scene.My NEW SLOGAN "SHOE AWAY BUSH!"

What's a guy to do?A male coworker got written up for sexual harassment th...Read more

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Kelly Hu answering 35 of my fanmail questions!!!

This was one of the highlights in my life and can't believe I never blogged about it.The site is rottentomatoes.com I am known as Vicious Voodoo.Kelly was kind enough to answer fanmail questions but who knew she would answer 35 of mine!I wanted to ask original and thought provoking questions here are some:

I asked "If you could bring a singer/musician back from the dead who would it be?She said "John Lennon"

"What was you toughest stunt?"She said"On XMen 2 she ...Read more

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Doing book recordings for the blind/people with learning disabilities

Wow....I am volunteering doing book recordings for the blind and people with learning disabilites.Basically I sit in a studio and read a book that will eventually be turned into a CD and shipped out to people who need it.I did a 3 three hour session the other day reading on the French Indian War.Any type of book is covered for whoever needs it.Im guessing the book I am working on now will be done at the end of January!Not only I am helping someone learn but this will be great exposure to b...Read more

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Thoughts about whatever 11/28/08

I AM SICKENED over the death of the Wal-Mart worker who got trampled by selfish scumbag shoppers.What Black Friday barrgain is worth taking someone's life?The instant someone falls YOU SHOULD HAVE THE FUCKING SENSE TO HELP THEM UP!!!!NOT TRAMPLE OVER THEM!WHAT GOES THROUGH A PERSONS MIND?All those people and no one said WAIT!Someone is down lets get them up than we worry about shopping later.I am sure more than one person trampled over this poor man.This just shows the darkside of the holiday season and just one reason to...Read more

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