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Kudos to the programming team for getting the long awaited 'Members tab'  up!  Finally we have a way to connect user to user!   If you haven't taken a look click on 'MEMBERS'  below the 'NOT' at the top of the page or click here.

今日からAnDは新Featureが有る:メンバーのターブです。 見てください

Since I'm a very vain and need external acknowledgm...Read more

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Blades of Glory

another one:


FRESH: 7/10  7/10


Blades of Glory (2007)


| Entry | This one never made it to HK, so I was eager to see it when I found out it was available on the plane, being a big Will Ferrell fan (yes, I am the same guy who liked Bewitched!)

I'll skip the plot summary, as its obvio...Read more

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Russian Star Wars

I had to invent a new blog category for this one!  2nd of my 'while i was away' late blog reviews:


ROTTEN: 2/10  2/10


Night Watch (2005)


| Entry | The night before i flew back to HK, we popped in a DVD off of eyeh's Netflix called 'Nightwatch', a Russian supernatural/...Read more

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oh yes... Etchy is patient...

Patience... Patience....

Japan: Ayumi Hamasaki and Boyfriend Tomoya Nagase Split

I gotta go buy her new single. I want to see how the Shawn Yue Hong Kong video turned out...

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1408 Review

first of about a million movie reviews i need to post... (you've been warned!)


FRESH: 6/10  6/10


1408 (2007)


| Entry | Wilson C and Scott came up to Emeryville to get lunch on saturday, so we decided to catch a movie at Bay St. The only movie we all hadn't seen was '1408', which I had heard go...Read more

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back in HK... no rest for the wicked...

Just flew back to HK via Seoul...  I landed at 11:30pm,  didn't get home til almost 2 (stupid airport bus!)  took a shower, unpacked a bit,  its now like 3am,  i'm going to try to make it to my lab group's 9am meeting... I better get to bed soon or i'm screwed.(as soon as i blog!) :-P


PS - Inchon Airport Cola typos ROCK.  You may recalled 'Cock and Cock Light' from my vi...Read more

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Tartan's US version of Divergence

I went to the movies this afternoon and hung out with my friend Wilson C for a few hours.  I'm flying back to HK tomorrow morning, so I'll probably wait til I'm on the plane to write up my film review... but in the meanwhile here's something I spotted at Rasputin's in Berkeley that I wanted to discuss...

Let me back up and start from the top - In case you're not familiar, in 2005, Daniel Wu did a film called  ' Read more

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Back in the US 9: Zachary's Reunion

Back in SF... I had a horrible flight out from DC this morning.  7am flight = waking up at 4:30am...  get in the plane,  taxi onto the runway, drive around for 10 minutes, then  captain comes on the radio and says 'we've got a faulty valve, we have to go back to the gate to get it fixed'...  Etchy falls asleep (cause he went to bed at 1am and woke up at 4:30am),  wake up two hours later and we're still there on the ground waiting.

今日とてもDCからSFまでの一番早Flightが有った。4時半起きました、7時Flightから。でも滑走路に三時間待てなければな...Read more

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Back in the US 8: Old School

Not too much to blog about, I haven't been up to too much the last week here in DC.  I've been trying to get a draft of a journal article done in time for a meeting in CA on Friday....  and on the side taking care of my VCD burning,  trying to catch up on some American TV while I can...

I have been trying to enjoy my parents HDTV as much as I can.. I watched the 2nd half of the All-Star game the other night,  that was pretty cool.  They even had HD poker on tv last night...  I'm disappointed that 'Mythbust...Read more

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Back to the US 7: mass Transit + mass Consumerism

After the great 4 of july BBQ... I had to pack up and get to bed cause I had an early morning flight from SFO.... 

5日早朝僕は初めEast Coastまで飛行機乗る。両親の家帰った!Washington DCでしたよ!


Luckily Mrs. Eyeh was able to drop me off on her way to...Read more

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