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Kuroko Video

Like that matrix ping-pong one,  more Kabuki-inspired KurokoJapanese comedy.  The second half is even more impressive:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYsDsEcfG0g

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Rack's Calendar Party

Last thursday Pat and I headed over to everyone's favorite LKF pool hall, Racks for an interesting event, Swang and T came by a bit later. 

It was a party to promote the release of Rack's new calendar. It's a cross promotion with Diesel Jeans, on sale at HMV and the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Fund(i believe, don't quote me on any of this).

先週木曜日Rack'sでCalendarのエベントした。有名香港モデル達Lisa、Ana RとRosemaryはCalendarの写真に居る。

The calendar features Read more

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Invisible Target: Its all about Wu Jing...

Friday night I went to see 'Invisible Target' at the M0S theater.

In case you don't know, this is the Benny Chan directed police action movie starring Shawn Yue, Nicolas Tse and Jaycee Chan.  The three of them are cops who team up in their fight to catch a gang of vicious criminals.  Each of them does a pretty decent job, and there are some good stunts in th...Read more

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Scuba in HK!

I just got back from scuba an hour or so ago, and i couldn't wait to put my pics up on my blog.


My coworker Tom picked me up at 8am and we drove down to Saikung, thank god i am still jet lagged from the US or i wouldn't have been able to get up and get packed in time!


We ended up waiting at the waterfront for group to assemble and get on launches to head out to the dive boat...

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One Night and the Next Day in Mongkok...

A quick blog, i gotta get to bed soon!


But i wanted to share some pics I took the last day or so...  last night after work i headed down to the infamous Portland St. in Mongkok( 旺角 ) to pick up my scuba mask... but my lenses didn't get delivered,  so it was all for naught,  so i decided to walk down to the bus stop on Shantung St to go back home... as is always the case w/ The 'Kok,there were tons of people rushing about...

昨日晩用事ありましたから、電車でモンコック(旺角)まで行った。要るの物ない...Read more

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Busy Saturday...

damn its hot again today. I just rode my bike over to campus to pick up my scuba gear from my office.   for sure I lathered up in sunscreen before going out.

I came back and took a much needed shower, and now I have to go back to Mongkok for the THIRD time now to try and get my goggles (the prescrīption lenses never showed!)  I'm hoping to meet up with J.to while I'm there for lunch.

Then its over to Eastern Kowloon to look at apartments... I'm trying to figure out the o...Read more

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BLT: Was that really her in the p0rn?


FRESH: 7/10  7/10


Better Luck Tomorrow (2003)


| Entry | While I was back in California last week I made sure to pick up a copy of Justin Lin's debut solo feature 'Better Luck Tomorrow'....

Yes I never actually got a chance to see it back whe...Read more

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Back in the US 10: Last of the last

OK, i've been back 4 days already, but I've been so busy w/ work and unpacking and what not that I haven't had time to blog these up.  I just came back from the Rack's Calendar event, which i'll try to blog tomorrow night, but first here we go w/ all the leftovers from the US! :-)

First one from last friday.  I was waiting for the BART train to get to my meeting at UC Berkeley. (you can see Sather Tower in the distance). 

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FRESH: 6/10  6/10


Disturbia (2007)


| Entry | This one was on the 'VOD' system and since i had seen most everything i wanted to, I decied to check this one out. Its a strange hybrid between a teenage romantic comedy and Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' (seriously!) - think Judge Reinhold peeping at Pho...Read more

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Astronaut Farmer = Steaming Pile


ROTTEN: 2/10  2/10


Astronaut Farmer (2007)


I had heard good things about this one and being a spaceflight buff (NASA-buff?) I thought a movie about a farmer trying to make his own space capsule+rocket in his barn would be kind of cool, even if it wasn't 100% believable or accurat...Read more

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