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Yamato Addendum

As a follow-up to my entry from yesterday,  I have a few more photos to share about my trip to Kure's Yamato Museum.

Souvenirs are a big business in Japan.  Bringing omiyage (souvenir snacks) to friends and when you return from a trip or to a host when you are visiting is a big part of Japanese culture.  Its not just snacks of course,  there's toys, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, etc. Therefore any tourist destination or travel related location (airport, train station, etc) usually has a section set up for selling these local  gift boxes full of snacks, etc. 

The Yamato Museum is no exception:

They had mugs, jackets, dolls and yes,  /stuffed Mitsubishi Zero/ toy...  and a wide variety of Battleship Yamato related ramen noodle packs.  Mmm, nothing says ramen like battleships!

Of course they had a lot of toys and models of the ship itself,  both the real ship version and the Space Battleship Yamato fictional version:

Not sure if you can see the price tags,  but the model in the center has a price tag of about US$400!

Across the street in a department store it continued:

        On the  you can see some sort of tofu-based jelly snacks... its translucent except for a grey piece in the shape of a battleship in the center.  In the 2nd picture you can see the variety of different snacks offered (cookies, cakes, etc).

Across the street in the same building as the parking garage, they had several restaurants and more gift shops.  They also had a really random assortment of what was apparently props from the movie 'Otokotachi no Yamato':

Except it really didn't fit very well,  not sure exactly why they decided to put them here,  but this is where they ended up... 

they also had these:

        My face doesn't fit in these japanese cutouts very well...
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Photo 15891
I would have been such a sucker and bought stuff for my boys....altho not the tofu jelly stuff-bleh
over 12 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
i really wanted to get a t-shirt or something (partially because they had to be the most reasonably priced t-shirts in all of japan, only ~$10-15), but i didn't really like the museum's and the one across the street closed before we got back there. doh.
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
that last pic is horrible! hehehe i wonder if they work for anyone tho...
over 12 years ago
Photo 23799
i LOVE that last picture! so cute! heehee...
over 12 years ago
Fb img 1493569407689
Stuff and nick-nacks...not my favorite thing in the least bit. The last picture is funny :)
over 12 years ago
Photo 25
Ha nice pics, I think Pat likes men in uniforms...be afraid, be very afraid..........
over 12 years ago
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I think you should buy the uniform and wear it for Halloween this year.
over 12 years ago


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