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Whats up People!!!!! I've been busy working and doing loads of stuffs and have yet to update my blogs..Life's picking up back as it should even though i have loads of stories and tales to share...I may need the little more time to expand myself and start blogging again...For now..... Change Has Come....Peace N Love,Don M

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U Ha..............

Hello all..

Been a while ay..

Well so it's been...

I feel so messed up now.. Like so fucking messed up@!!

I mean i've been working out at as the production guy with that company n even before that, i have been at the bazaar helping out during the fasting month to sell the clothes..

It's been a tiring 2 months... n finally after next week... i can rest my aching body..

Wondering whether i should take a break all the way till Feb next year.. Hah!!


finally the...Read more

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Simply M Part 2

Hi again...

I visited Joe's web page and i saw the video he did an interview..

So here it is attached...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEqFJmoOdyk Peace n Love

Don M

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Simply M

Whats up!!

I know i've not been updating my blog 4 a while now...

Well only cause i've been doing some part time job...

So it's Hari Raya!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !!!


So back to business..

I've been doing loads of stuffs lately..

been working.. been studying.. and yes.. taking he time to find out whats been happening..


Last sunday on the 29th...

F1's first night race was held in SG...

Well, i didn;'t to get to w...Read more

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Whats Up!!!

Hello people..

Hello friends...

Hello AnD...

Hello everyone!!

Yes it's been a while since i last posted... 14 days to be precise..

Well firstly it's because i've been busy mending my shop which sells traditional Malay clothes.. but the designs are modern though as well as the colors and i've been busy working out on a couple of demo's which i'm due to submit...

So ya...

Life's been good..

Business is slaughtered by half compared to last year and frankly, t...Read more

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Before i begin....

This is a nice video!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfFlI7g56xoMargarita Anyone? Haha..


been 2 days since i got the P.A job.. Wed's the third..

I'd like to share with all the reality series title but then again...

Ok so basically no one knows i'm a producer in the job...

n the feeling's great... well except a few who knows.. (the ones ...Read more

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News.... More news...

Hello people..

Hello friends...

Hello Everyone!!!

Ok fuck getting lamer each time i type..


Finally got to meet the man himself after like what 6-7 months? ya well..

Terry was back in town for a bit and even though the meet was short...

It was sweet..

You see guys and girls... you must appreciate the ones who broadens your mind and expands your dreams.... Yes sir...

So basically on previous i was saying shit abt the job interview i got...

Guess wha...Read more

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    How should i start...


i went for this interview as a Production Assistant for a reality TV show based here in SG.

Apparently everything was smooth and all and the employer advised me to send out my resume.

So i asked her which resume since i had 2 and she replied the production one..

So after a long train ride back home and a few hours spent the cybercafe, i sent out the production resume of mine and this is what it states...

Hi Syed, after much discussion we think you shouldn't settle...Read more

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Do It Duit First Single Of El President Joe Flizzow

I'm truly honoured by the article my friends from Malaysia told me..

so it's attached below...

Only thing is, it is in Bahasa Melayu..

Oh well...


President taruhan Joe

Oleh Wan Asrudi Wan Hasan


Start Picture & Abstract Rap

Read more

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Back for the moment...

Back as promised..

I'd like to thank the good folks for the "transformation"

I'd like to thank Mr Tye for persuading me to join AnD..

I'd like to thank all who has viewed and read my blogs..

though i can't upate as much as i did previously..

I shall renounce the arrival of Don M once i've settled my other stuffs on...

Stay tuned...


Happy Fasting!!


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Welcome to the Official Don M Artiste Page!! The tales and humors of Don M..... It just get's better.... Enjoy! Peace and Love!

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