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Gigs and overseas gig info.

Sorry that Crazimalz had not been updating blog recently.

Cos for the band,  we are squeezing every second to get our EP done.

We hope by next month all things will be done so we can publish here in AnD and other places

Please stay tune~~

For those who are in HK and like our songs,

Please make yourself free on Fri and attend the Underground Event @ CiXi

If you are not in HK, we hope that we can make it to your country and give a solid performance.

We are trying hard to deal with many ppls.

Here are more info

06/09/08 - Shenzhen Venue (GPBar)

10/10/08 - Singapore ??? I forgot the name.

11/10/08 Singapore Home Club

That's all so far..

We are now dealing to go Taiwan and Japan too....

All this shld be within next year!!

If it gonna happens~~~ We will see you there!!!!!

P.S: sorry about the EP keep delaying due to some difficulties

Will update again...

Give us your support~!

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Noted : )
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
have some good shows!
over 11 years ago
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Hey what about gigging in the UK!! :). Great news on the overseas gigs. Good Luck guys. Looking forward to the EP.
over 11 years ago
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don't forget Korea and NZ (okay, I concede NZ might be a bit far) look forward to the LP
over 11 years ago
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sorry I mean EP (L and P is drink in NZ)
over 11 years ago
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D'in recommended takin a look .. make it to the states sometime? :)
over 11 years ago


Crazimalz music style combine Hard Rock/Nu metal which express themselves in Mandarin. Members are Vocal: K.Lo Guitars: D'in & cRose Bass: Mann

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