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Back !

How are we doing? hope all are well. Great to be back for now, time will tell if I survive in the coming months.  As for the moment no plans or work for now, well my main concern then work comes next.... it takes loads of time and courage for some to be back on track after a period of depressions and  its not easy with out the surpport of friends and family.  If you  know of anyone whose depress or are surffering from depression do encourage them and not leave  them alone coz its not going to help.  I was able to be back coz my mum was alway there for me and my church friends help me loads, lastly by praying and having read the book brings inspiring thoughts to me and hopefully to others  too  here is the title "Learned Optimism"  How to change your mind and your life by Martin E. P. Seligman. 

Take Carexoxo


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welcome back
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~WeLcOmE tO mY PrOFiLe~ ~ LOVE ~ FAITH ~ HOPE ~

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