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[wish to see you again] started!!

A New drama of F4 ,[Wish to see you again] is started on air from tonghit .

This drama was produced by the  sightseeing  station of  Taiwan government.

Vanness appears in chapter 4.


stubble zai-zai!!

I was  interested  in  the BGM  than the contents of the story.

yes !

New song of F4[good Bye], it's so coool!

It remeinds me  back street boy 's song...(a lil !!)


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hello sis.. wow..so lucky of you to be the first to watch the series.. thanks for the update..
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i am glad you have some more F4 stuff to watch, is this their last group thing before they break up?
over 12 years ago
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Maybe ,the last cd as `F4' is going to be released in next January or February. But ,I think they will get going as 'JVKV ' . But even if the name will chage ,F4 is F4! I will support him forever !!! haha~~!!
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Much Love to Vanness from Japan! VanNessのブログの日本語訳について。 彼のツイッター、微博、Instagramからの転載に変わり ツイートが小刻みにアップされるので管理サイドで翻訳のアップロードの反映が間に合っていないのが現状です。そこで管理サイドと話し合い、彼の

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