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I went to Kumamoto!

Yesterday,it was the final-day of My friend  Mr.Jiang Hai ’s solo exhibition

  at  Kumamoto Prefectual Museum of art .


I proposed my net- friend who live in kumamo to take the lunch and watch his art.

Cuz I was rare at an opportunity to go to Kumamoto.

Maya,Kaorin , Sudori and I gathered and went to a Cool cafe in the Shower street to have a lunch.Shower-street is the hottest street in Kumamoto .

Many fashionable shops are concentrated on there.

We talk ,eat, talk ,talk ,eat,eat,....and talk never end~

we are all Vanness Fans,so we were engorossed to talk abou Van,

three hours passed quickly!!

Then ... Go to the Art Museum that we are original purposes.....

Hai's Daughter Orie -Chan!

I was glad to meet her after a long absence~,so cute!!

After having watched his picture,we went to Kumamoto-jo Castle with Orie -chan.

(There is the art museum in Kumamoto-jo Castle.)

About Kumamoto Castle......PLS go to Etchy's album!!  HAHA!!~~~



  .......this lil kunhu-girl is hyperactive!!


THIS 2finger pose....i saw  somewhere.....on  Phil 's..........?????


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Nice. did you go inside the palace?
about 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
>Etchy Anyway we went just before closing,we went only castle tower(天守閣), It's too bad,but... next opportunity!!
about 12 years ago


Much Love to Vanness from Japan! VanNessのブログの日本語訳について。 彼のツイッター、微博、Instagramからの転載に変わり ツイートが小刻みにアップされるので管理サイドで翻訳のアップロードの反映が間に合っていないのが現状です。そこで管理サイドと話し合い、彼の

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