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I did it !


completed !

How 's this ??

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wow. how long did it take? now you need to walk around pretending you are talking on the phone just to show it off. :-P
about 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
>Etchy I try it ~~,HAHAHA! how long......mm~~ I made it when i fouud free time... toatally... It took around 6 hours in all... anyway, you didn't sleep?
about 12 years ago
Photo 31287
wow, sucha nice design...i tried to decorate my phone once...but it is hard....it is beautiful..nice work!!!..the pieces don't fell down, after a time?
about 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
>Lilu thank you for coming here! Probably it will lack a little.....
about 12 years ago


Much Love to Vanness from Japan! VanNessのブログの日本語訳について。 彼のツイッター、微博、Instagramからの転載に変わり ツイートが小刻みにアップされるので管理サイドで翻訳のアップロードの反映が間に合っていないのが現状です。そこで管理サイドと話し合い、彼の

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