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Go to Taiwaaaaan !!

I will go to Taiwan tommorow !

My  3rd Son goes to Australia on School Trip yesterday (till to 10 Mar.).

 a  pics below  is...Air port @Fukuoka.  Have a lot of Fun~!


 While his absence, I do not need to drop and pick up him.

So,soooooo, I made up  my mind to have a trip with my Mam.

Yes ,


2 豪my second son, he also  participated in this plan, too.

 I'm Packing now!!!!

Dress code~~~♪

Nail ...♡♡♡OOOO.KKKKK!!


........haha, deco -art was completed!

and This special white box can speak in Chinese  instead of me!


my mother will be 77-years old on this 18.Mar.

77years old ,we celebrate  particulary  called 《喜寿》 in Japan (also china?).

cuz the calendar year 77 years old from the place where cursive style " " of the character of "喜" looks like "77". In addition, it is the celebration. The celebration of the age of seventy-seven.

So, the last Taiwanese night , in chinese  restaurant in Sherwood   Hotel ........ waiting some ....

Supri~~~~~~~~se !??!!     haha~~~




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have fun! my mom is actually going to go there this weekend too... (because i am too busy to take her anywhere, i sent her to taiwan!)
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hope u enjoy your trip in Taiwan~
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>Etchy Thanks! wow!your mom ? I hope she has big fun ,too!
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>v v_ping Thank you~~ it's my First Taiwan!
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Much Love to Vanness from Japan! VanNessのブログの日本語訳について。 彼のツイッター、微博、Instagramからの転載に変わり ツイートが小刻みにアップされるので管理サイドで翻訳のアップロードの反映が間に合っていないのが現状です。そこで管理サイドと話し合い、彼の

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