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Big news of this mornig ! F4 Additional consert of JapanTour!

Top News (for  Me) of This morning ~~~



F4 Japan tour 3 0 Additional Consert is decided !!



As an emergency measure for  35,000 pieces tickts of the F4 consert in Tokyo& Osaka to have  been sold out on the same day,three  additional consert is decided on 24th.

35,000 pieces of tickets of the additional consert are released from August 30.

The stage plan produced for this tour was announced on this day.

The Cnterstage which 360° can look around and the mobile crane that an elevated passageway leading to the stage extends to every direction is installed.(like the consert in2006 @ H.K...?)



10月3~4日 横浜アリーナ

10月18日  大阪城ホール





日本では現在、映画版「花より男子」が空前の話題を集めている。嵐の松本潤(24)主演の「花より男子 ファイナル」(石井康晴監督、28日公開)は、前売り券が24万枚を突破。“花男”旋風が吹き荒れている。今秋の“先発組”の来日で、“花男”人気はますます加速しそうだ。

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Villea 11 guamiruminesiyon1
Really? Wow~~~oh my god!! :-o I have already get. but I want an additional concert's ticket. Am I greedy? Still I want to go. Thanx for teaching ZuZu-san, nice information! :-)
almost 12 years ago
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oh man, i'm there! :-P
almost 12 years ago
Photo 94189
MUSCLE: Rectus Abdominis ORIGIN: Pubis, lateral fibers to tubercle on crest and pecten pubis, medial fibers to the ligamentous covering of symphisis to attach to contralateral muscle. INSERTION: Ribs 5-7 (costal cartilages), sternum (xiphoid ligament) NERVE SUPPLY: nerve to rectus abdominis (T7-T12) ACTION: Trunk flexion, trunk stability. uh.. i think i had to much.. *NOSEBLEED*
almost 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
Haha!! It is the muscle which is more excellent than the model appearing in the textbook of the human body dissection muscle organizational chart of the university of the son. BTW,Please buy clothes for Vanness.....pu!
almost 12 years ago
Photo 100095
F4 rocks!
almost 12 years ago
Photo 102243
怀念那时候的你们,流星花园热播的时候我小学6年级,转眼间,我就要上大学了,你们也变成了成熟的男人,时间可真快…… 希望我们都会好好的…… 一切顺利!
almost 12 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
>mmst そっか~~スーが出たころは小6だったのね? もう大学生なんだ~~!! スーも大人になるはずだね~~
almost 12 years ago
Photo 239631
this one would be...."HOTTIES from da SHADOWS WITHIN"
over 11 years ago


Much Love to Vanness from Japan! VanNessのブログの日本語訳について。 彼のツイッター、微博、Instagramからの転載に変わり ツイートが小刻みにアップされるので管理サイドで翻訳のアップロードの反映が間に合っていないのが現状です。そこで管理サイドと話し合い、彼の

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