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    Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 10:27PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Love poems and eternal heart , relationresultThe film bright star in yesterday to accompany me to spend the time before going to bed ,now think of again ,still with a feeling .A man and a beautiful story, at the time a depressed anonymous poem ,a beautiful vast literary young woman ,and the pastoral picturesque scenery ,all without exception makes long aftertaste .Power is how much Incompetence !The film was a mirror tell us :it can surmount the dying !When the girl Finney meets the poems of Keats ,her fate has changed .Prom eye-catching proud princess ,sharp-tongued beautiful woman in the world ,the mind becomes tender ,needlework portrayed Teen Dream ,much to hope, the heart is full of solid ,full of poetry and painting ,the firm and persistent .The film was a fragment ,in the forest ,poetry deeply the woman said :I hope you only live butterfly ,three summer ,with you ,three happy ,also more than 50 years lonely years .Finney to meet with poetry day, my brother and to capture many butterflies into the bedroom ,such as butterflies dancing and happy couple ,Finney to comfort miss and lonely soul .Pro came to see the house full of butterflies ,also feel a sense of fire daughter ,perhaps in the heart has been acknowledged by his daughter .Pro indoor air feeling dull ,to open the window but Finney said: the butterfly likes the suppression !Perhaps if the feeling, have the appropriate space and degree .The poem is a free mind ,but in front of unable to reject it .The wing is sometimes also very fragile ,either side of the back are likely to extinguish the flame .They traveled together to have some misunderstanding and suspicion ,the flowers bloom more bright .But that free nike the dead butterfly ,whether also heralded the short life See Finney Pro will butterfly sweep gently ,my heart not by floating blue .Really want to accept all challenges ,Finney fling caution to the winds to the poem ,regardless of his poverty or illness ,she will not give up .Keats controversial nature ,amount of poor ,life cannot be ensured ,can only be friends for help to maintain .Finney admired the poetry ,willing to life time .She can material and money ,just to be with her together ,have the whole world !Finney dark has also been Pro understanding ,promises to overcome the disease and his poem as long as can a life together .Keats and Finney have a wonderful time ,light so that they are out of the secular feeling world ,heart .Then ,through the walls at two ,is the desire is strong .Bedtime generally will touched the wall ,heart sinks have their hands through the wall firmly together .Finney and her feeling ,pure ,pure and beautiful without reserve .Poetic inspiration and surging ,as the heart of Finney wrote poems to leave a good name throughout the ages bright star ! Bright star bright star !I pray like you firm -- but I don reflect high suspension ,alone ,and eternal eyes ,like natural patient ,sleepless eremite ,constantly looking at the sea wave ,the earth with a holy priest ,flushing by a shore along ,or watching a snow ,like the veil, brilliant ,light, covered with depressions and alpine -- oh ,no, -- I wish not to move or retreat to the pillow in the breast ,always feel it soft fall ,rise ;and wake up, full of sweet ,continually ,constantly listening to her tender-taken breath ,and so live or die out ,-- .Poetic will eventually dissipate, fairy tale love end did not escape the fate of hand control .The poem because of body pain had to leave the school ,went to Italy !The other is the farewell .Keats took pains ,away ,in the last race against

    time ,the power to make his inspiration everfount .The film is not in his different life mirror ,let incessantly thought his speed his pen .He spent the last light of life ,to poetry as a reward, for all his students left through time and space memory .Finney did not wait to Keats rehabilitation ,cruel news pushed her into the abyss of despair ,she couldn your soul is as go ,no life on the brink of asphyxia edge ,that moment ,she is close from the darkness back .The film tells us ,Keats Finney put the ring in her life did not pick .Because life can be lost ,but that will not go away !The poem is unique ,as his poetry in general ,from the heart ,the natural flow .Keats just follow the heart ,for Finney ,that he never had a commitment ,but with a life to defend a burning feeling .Everything is decreed by fate !Edge, come ,no !Only to !Phase but not permanent !Like the only sad ,but ,too ,students already complete ,I want anything else What else could I ask for Life is fragile ,reality and dream for the ,blue is not only a poem heart ,thin body to withstand wind and rain cold on its ravages, so he had to leave early this cruel and poetic world .Keats himself is not as life ,by Finney in the film kiss propitiating the daughter said: he had no job ,no income .In reality the eyes ,alive when the Keats is a have no ability to feed himself ,no more money to marry his luxury most women ,was a failure .The stars will be shine !Keats with innate talent ,not stop work and singing ,he freely diffuse ,advocating better mind are recognized by the following .Keats was promoted to the European romanticism movement outstanding representative, and Shelley ,Byron .But think carefully ,in reality the fame of Keats what meaning Because he lives only in the poetry world, he is the most happy thing is to pick up the pen into his spiritual world is the vast world ,material ,money ,fame is only constrained him free yoke .Keats simple life and lonely !His poetry ,poetry and live his life ,Finney ,song .He abandoned the secular lead a gay one ,detached in the world of poetry and sing .Such students because of unique and beautiful !Keats life is short ,he die young ,died at the age of 25 !Keats life is very long ,his poems with ,will be remembered throughout the ages !Also as of last night ,from the bright star this movie for the first time Keats ,as an outsider with free nike a film in his life time and walked for nearly two hours ,when the credits to come out ,also not from the sense of feeling out .I have no poem heart ,do not understand the poem feeling ,even can not use text to show the essence of the film ,but the heart is deeply moved by the film ,as the film write something good source .( write feelings only from movies and. ) See the movie - bright star !Both the director and the actors is first-class !Poetry is good and diffuse ,the film is also beautiful moving I cooked the Three Kingdoms -- Cao Cao Mao Zedong tutor , relationresultRead three ,Cao Cao Mao Zedong and the images will be from time to time .The people lined the street to welcome the team .Their arms with the basket ,basket filled with homemade food and wine .At this time, the team came in a leader like objects ,hands holding a white head of the old man ,affectionately asks: old man ,you how old this year The old man moved to say: was one hundred

    years old !The leader said :forces invaded the people ,feel shy ,ha !Biography .During the division, is not as the fish ,a family kisses Army-People unity scenes we must considered Communist and his legions of farmers .The leader comrade Mao Zedong we also considered .Wrong. It happened in the Three Kingdoms back in twenty-first ,the leadership of Comrade Cao cao .In the modern revolution of film and television drama ,we are too familiar with this scene ,came the leader is Mao zedong .The difference is ,Mao Zedong said :go ,Xiao Li ,to charge for the old man two wowo !Cao Cao said : wine and silk gift of !Cao Cao Mao Zedong appears generous than money .Mao Zedong go the country surrounds a city revolution ,therefore ,unity is mainly the toiling masses .Cao Cao is representative of the army ,but still do not forget to contact the bottom ,strive for maximum support .Such as ,exercises command armed forces : if you have to kill a dog ,such as killing crime .Comrade Mao Zedong three main rules of discipline and eight points for attention ,don take any property from the masses was Nike SB Swoosh High Heels evolved from .However, Cao Cao system some more severe ,not to kill .In April three, the wheat .Cao Yu : the size of school, where over wheat field ,but there are trampled ,and beheaded .At that moment ,field carrying a dove ,Cao Cao was frightened jump ,jump to a cornfield, destroying a large set of wheat .Fuck a sword cut ,to follow the example of the .Although be will stop ,to cut hair generation .But as a leader ,Xiu, true either, as the leading role is played .-- military crawly ,who still dare not your order Starting with the problems of leadership ,in the historical records ,many of their cases ,but only in one or a few specific embodiments of the thing ,this life ,can totally do, only Mao zedong .For example, the eldest son of the marriage of Mao Anying ,the policies and regulations twenty female eighteen to be married ,Mao Anying to his father and said :this year I was twenty-six years old ,I want to get married ,... ... But his object DLB is under the age of eighteen, Mao Zedong hear very angry ,said :you are the son of Mao Zedong ,no matter what you say ,DLB is under eighteen years of age ,is unable to consent to your marriage .Mao Anying out of the hospital to faint ,later, Mao Zedong that persist even after the said: will check can request to marry ,don .In conclusion ,because Mao Zedong is chairman ,require their home must also be in the implementation of policies play an exemplary role of band .In the revolution and after the victory of the revolution ,Mao Zedong as chairman, ask yourself and family must also be in the implementation of policies play an exemplary role of band .This point Cao can do slightly less .The world of Cao Cao ,evaluation ,fraud ,male .This kind of evaluation, Cao Cao knew .Cao Cao you don to defend themselves ,not for their own please hand up ,he defends himself .Xu You Cao Cao Cao Cao ,little food .But fuck not telling the truth ,Xu You smiled and said :there are words Meng Dexiong ,this was also .Exercise also laughs: not smell too !Cao Cao mean, in the march to war ,fraud is tactics, is a winning strategy ,is a kind of wisdom .A ruse for war ,guile and products unrelated .Senior adviser to Xu You ,Cao had just in bed, tell Xu You to vote, do not wear shoes ,barefoot running to meet .This rate ,little can be done through the ages .Later ,Xu You stay ,stay in

    the village ,absolutely no false .Cao Cao ,is in use ,and the product has nothing to do .Reading ,do not discard the false and retain the true ,many misunderstanding .Comrade Mao Zedong about Cao Cao .-- tactics not bad . Sixteen words will guerrilla tactics will emerge as the times require . Retreat as the enemy advances ,the enemy into retreat I ,harass the enemy enemy ,tired of me .This tactic is far from the two array against more directly and Stan, let not independent thinking of Africa Savannah spotted hyenas and late beat to death the buzzing mosquitoes .But the war only to see results ,use unscrupulous divisive tactics ,the final victory is essential .Then ,the guerrilla tactics as part of Mao Zedong Thought light is recorded in the annals of history .Now look ,Cao Cao guile and Mao Zedong guerrilla tactics were not in good taste tactics ,but in the rogue degree ,Cao Cao is pale into insignificance by comparison ,Mao Zedong is the students surpass the teacher. The master .Wine hero .Exercises and preparing the drink ,fuck that Howe ,preparing hear fear, two is a sweat .Wine and half drunk ,fuck asked :this world preparation called heroes, you see what a few ah Liu Bei is confused, and points out several :Yuan Shu ,Yuan Shao ,Liu Biao ,Sun Ce ... ... Cao Cao one one deny .Then the finger after Liu Bei ,referring to himself ,said: today ,but they Shijun and ear !Mao Zedong on World Heroes, but he did not cook ,also did not invite him to drink . Qin Han, were lacking in literary grace; Tang Zong Song Zu ,little wind .Genghis Khan ,Ji Si ,knew only gun carving .All to say ,merry several ,still see today .Mao Zedong than Cao Cao Lapel broader, fuck dare on when the hero ,Mao Zedong put ancient heroes are on .Fuck than Mao Zedong humility ,taking Liu Bei as a hero .Mao Zedong times the ancient political ,not a watching eye . Just look at the present now who Self-evident. On the literary achievements ,Mao Zedong and Cao Cao also have a fight .One is to build An Wenxue leader ,known as a modern writer .In two titles ,is similar -- politicians ,strategist ,thinker ,writer .On the ancient and modern ,can let the Mao Zedong admire also Cao Cao . The past millennium ,Wei Wu whiplash ,Jieshi have left the East article .Bleak autumn wind is this ,change rooms .Standing on the outside history reading history ,history of confusion and clear .Mao Zedong ,Cao Cao Cao Cao Mao Zedong ;,,just space !In three ,a strategy and the Treasury of wisdom .Cao Cao ,a comprehensive ability to master .Mao Zedong from his draw nutrition ,he took the mirror mirror is natural .Partridge days four On the female face inclined selling vegetables, the tracks go light.Whose little bridge station Look around and not cover.Like a mountain green, flowers.Green and clean flawless.Valuable priceless garden vegetables, which contributes to the east wind isTwo wine is drunk in a far away from vulgar, meet with the words.The edge margin of floc, Green Green Lantern down.Sail from shore to shore, dream soul.Several good dream battle sails escapement.Now make a capture the Dragon hand, lays a cloud of Wushan.Three kiss of a sickly village; her husband, I have nothing.Bear bitter hardships three daughter to university hall, said the local great Pro selfless offer people, life and on the cliff.The women with strong person, the prime minister.The girl, for her.Brave the wind and dew music without boundaries.As silkworm silk Gan of thousands of temples, frost Doo glow.Four poems for mobile phone and a moment free floating life, my day moving words.Your blog Fei, the relatives and to the front.Honestly,

    meaning rain.  

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