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    Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009 12:33PM / Members only

        A group walks is not easy, I like the free life, the money am not the best choice. Many people are struggle for the money. but I am not, I am for mine ideal and the desire struggle…. since 2000 has contacted the drawing. Felt has found my ideal. Thought originally one is engaged in fine arts profession straight, but as a result of reason! Gives up with strong attachment. south 02 years take up jobs to arrive, similarly have chosen the artistic profession. At that time this profession was not welcome very much inland public figure. But I still have chosen…. Because deeply loves the fine arts, deeply loves the artistic 0.1 good model community teachers is must have the extremely high fine arts foundation of basic skills and the moral viewpoint. Under at this moment I will talk big " " to say loudly….As soon as zai jin ji nian li, I can surely a splendid model community teacher ...... my personal experience in this announcement…. also has thanks these to progress for me supports the friend of mine family member

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