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my new hair style

Yesterday, i went to beauty saloon. i had my hair cut. woo this is very short . I dont think it is too short first cut. I am so angry enough to kill barber. oh my god !!! my hair is too short.my God !

Give me power ! I will use power to long my hair. i am so upset.

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My Sacrificial Heart

Loving you is my " Pleasure" But you treat me like a stranger I'm solely believing in that You are my " Treasure" But I'm keeping my love painfully Not to open my heart to you easily Cos I don't want myself to be your " Pressure" I really want you to be happy. If you get " Happy" you want Although it is not from me or from someone else you like I'm really pleased to sacrifice my love If you can get " Happy"you want Then , I'll forever burry my love Deep in my heart.Read more

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Zephyr sway the leaves to play You say to me sleep nad lay Missing intense and gaze away Thinking past and blank to say I used to cry hedge in cold Maybe insane to my soul By virtue of love in core Please hug me and let me flow No light in the black sky Naked stars may be shy No quiet in my smash mind Tears leave my crash eyes Night is dark and hell to strong I can't beg you to stick around In the dreams I may sail And have many nights to kill I sowed my heart in desert Who knows my love's prominence? Silent nights deem to harm Now I want you ...Read more

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Love is like a lump of gold Hard to get  and hard to hold Of all the girls I've ever met,

You're the one I can't forget I do believe that God above Created you for me to love He chose you from all the rest Because he knew I would love you best.

It is not about myself because God does not create girl for me yet ``!

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My doctor issued his decree

that too much wine is killing me .

And furthermore his ban he hurls

against my touching naked girls .

How then?Must I no longer share

good wine or beauties,dark and fair?

Doctor,Goodbye,my sail's unfurled,

I'm off to try the other worlds

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Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry

               Anatomy tells me that :

         Your heart develops from a bulb.

               But Venus tells me that :

         Your heart develops from her love.

               Anatomy tells me that :

          Your heart is full of blood.

                But Venus tells me that :

          Your heart is full of love.

                Physiology teaches me that :

          SA node makes your heart to beat.

                But Venus teaches ...Read more

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The name of my blog

hello friends!!! I like mickey mouse land ,so i named my blog "stiffmonster land". I invite all friends.warmly welcome from stiffmonster land.

are u happy in new year? u will be ok in 2009

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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 7

Happy new year fri

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hello! everybody, warmly welcome from stiffmonster land you can add me stiffmonster.2008@hotmail.com


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