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Guide For Pricing Web Designs

Pricing a website design can seem impossible. A good website design can cost anywhere between thousands of dollars and under fifty dollars, depending on the type of site, how you build it and a hundred other numbers. Those numbers can make it difficult to decide where the right price point for your own work is: how do you know what your work is worth when other designers’ prices are all over the place?My Web Portfolio

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Laku.com belanja online grosir eceran murah dan aman

Laku.com is One of the biggest online store in Indonesia mainly focus on female attire such as fashion, accessories, bags, watches, make up, and fancy tools for home decorations and appliances.All Design Portfolio

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Deals For Food Lovers In Indonesia ^^V

Lapar.com, website that provide daily deals for food lovers in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and Bandung City .


For the time being, Lapar.com offer discounts up to 90% on group purchase through their site, where they offer man...Read more

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Website Screenshot @.@

Pleaze Click The Pic to visit ... Dark Grey  Mode =D

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Cireng Rockzz ^_^

What the heck is Cireng??? LOL =P... maybe U guyz dunno abt this .. It's kind of SNACK from Bandung (My City)... n very suit for U eat that in Cold Weather =D

Cireng Means Aci  (Tapioka - Starch) Digoreng (Fried)... in traditional style...Cireng got filled with Oncom Pedas (Spicy Fermented Soybean)... but now its get evolving to more of kinda FILLING like Hot Beef BBQ, Chicken Teriyaki... Spicy Sausage, Cheese, Tuna, Smoke Beef-Cheese n many many more

dunno why I still prefer Traditional Cireng with Oncom wkwkwkwkkw =P <...Read more

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make money onlineBegin BidVertiser code [if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom /w:Compatibility MicrosoftInternetExplorer4/w:Brows...Read more

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Nic Vanness and Shawn at Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign

Shawn Yue, Vanness Wu, and Nicholas Tse (right), at Artistes 414 Fund Raising Campaign Yesterday (Hong Kong - 26 April 2010)

More than 300 entertainers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong an...Read more

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Undying Love

A Week Ago I just watched Hachiko A Dog's Story

I can't bear myself to hold my tears drop when I watched Dog Touched Story movie such as Eight Below , Marley n Me, etc

I admit that I'm more on a Dog person dan Cat person... also I can't bear to see Dog's Big saddy eyes...


but thought that th...Read more

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Bad Mood n How To deal with That?

Suddenly I got bad mood for this morning

the day began since last Nite I sleep at 12.00 Midnite then accident occur on my left finger (still hurt now)... lack of sleep, poor eating n

pluss Today got some problem in My Office Internet Connection which made some jobs delay againn....some People complained becoz those files can't be sent today ...

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Congrats To Nicholas Tse ^__^

Congrats To Nicholas Tse Who Won Best Supporting Actor Award

at HKFA (18 April 2010) andAsian Film Award (22 March2010)Ohhhh and I just suddenly found this free sharing PICTURE,  AUDIO, n VIDEO files website (200 MB)...  for more info abt this website

click this banner  for registering =)

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