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26 Happiness Road |Premiere Screening

Please come join us at Elements for 26 Happiness Road |Premiere Screening Avenue: Elements Grand CinemaDate:      14 November 2010Time: 15:00PMOur feature film 廿六大吉 . 26 Happiness Rd will be premiering as a part of the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival at The Grand Cinema on November 14th @ 3pm 

details regarding ticket prices to come soon! stay tuned!

mark your calendars!

Hope to see you all there!

「廿六大...Read more

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26 Happiness Rd on Youku

For friends that can't view youtube, our editor has uploaded the trailers on YOUKU. Thanks for watching and I hope that you guys like it.  Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1MTg3MDQw_type_99.htmlVideo: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE1MTgzMjk2_type_99.htmlThe stark contrast between city and village life are personified in a father-daughter rel...Read more

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Past and Future but I am now here in the Present

Believe it or not, I actually went back and read every single blog that I had written since I first joined A.N.D. It's been almost 3 years. I think I joined A.N.D around end of December 2007. Jesus, I could really write. I mean my blogs were L-O-N-G and there are 47 pages of them. haha.... I don't tend to write so much anymore. I try to talk more now... ^_^. In one of the earliest blogs, I found myself talking about being frustrated after shooting "In Love With The Dead" and his description o...Read more

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26 Happiness Road trailers OUT!!!!

The stark contrast between city and village life are personified in a father-daughter relationship strewn with misread intentions and emotional distance.  Xun-Qing, a longtime city-girl from the country side, revisits her village after some years to see her father, Zhou, a soft-spoken elderly man who owns and still operates his humble brick factory.  However, now he does so with visibly aging hands.  A worried Xun-Qing wholeheartedly suggests he move to the city to live a “better life” with her.  Their already fractious rel...Read more

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Chic Cities

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Hope everybody is doing fine.  When I first started working as a host, you guys won't believe how many NG takes it took me to say my tag. I was dead nervous. Maybe coz it ain't the same with acting. To me acting is much easier to do coz I was not really me but another character. In real life, I am actually a pretty shy person. I mean... I get nervous super duper easily. hahaha... I was like super nervous when I was surrounded by soooooooo many people watching me doing my tag that I ke...Read more

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澳門和珠海 july 2010

這次去澳門和珠海公幹,才去了四天就瘦了三公斤,實在太棒了。哈哈。。。還有兩公斤就標準了。那天下午和KARHO 和ROSEMARY吃飯。很開心。也見到內地新人,左邊是沙沙,右邊是MINA。左擁右抱多好?肥媽也很親切。那麼多藝人裡面我是最矮最肥的那一個。哈哈。。。融蓉加油啦!最今也見過幾次Lawrence Cheng,他的人很好也很好笑...Read more

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喜歡寵物的朋友們都可以每星期日晚上8:30收看健康生活台的寶貝“直播”節目和我同嘉賓談天。我們每一個星期都會介紹不同的犬類。可以在有線27台,或者打電話到297 999 77或用VIDEO CALL 3548 2727或發短信到506 506。喜歡上網的朋友們也可以上 www.hlctv.net 收看直播。內地的朋友們也可以使用PPLIVE收看直播。記得捧場喔!!!Dear friends, I haven't seen you guys for a while. Maybe to some, I haven't even ever talked to you. I am running a  LIVE TV SHOW calledPets Carenow. There will be different guest every week introducing different types of d...Read more

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Life as a Research Reporter

It has been a while since I really blogged. How are you guys?I hope everybody is doing great and fine. I started a new job a month ago as a research reporter for Channel Young, Shanghai base in Hong Kong. Lots of work: research, contacts, drawing up run down, shooting/reporting, drawing up timeline and Que for editors, subscribing, drawing up log lines, and more. PLUS everything gotta be done in Chinese Mandarin. hahaha... So here are some pictures....Read more

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i was on LIVE TALK SHOW on Monday, June 14th. These are the first parts of the videos. They are in Mandarin. :)###For those that can understand chinese and want to know more of Yung Yung can watch:Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luhFSJ1feo8###Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb6xc3RY_DA Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch...Read more

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Come with me on a journey of self discovery! Wanna know a hamster who talks with an attitude? Meet one on Xuxu's site: http://www.alivenotdead.com/Y3XuXu

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