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I didn't get eaten by sharks tonight on the Discovery Channel

Hey everyone,

I was kicking myself because I thought I'd forgotten to send this out in time, but I just remembered I'm a day ahead since I'm in Korea.  The Discovery Channel show I co-hosted for Shark Week is airing tonight at 10pm.  I won't be able watch it until I get home next week, so please don't ruin the ending for me (if I get devoured, I'll be bummed).  I hope to catch up with all of you soon!


How Not To Become Shark

Ba...Read more

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Thank you for success of bone marrow drive

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to get registered for the bone marrow, as well as all the volunteers who gave up part of their Sunday to help out. We registered over 45 customers in three hours, which is pretty darn good (I've had drives that have gotten as little as three, but maybe that says more about me than anything else). We're donating all proceeds from the new registrants to the Asian American Donor Program. Thanks again!


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Seriously, for real this time... Bone marrow drive on Sunday, 4pm-7pm

No more head fakes, I swear. If we change the day of the bone marrow drive again, I'm stripping naked and giving free yogurt to everyone (not that anyone would have an appetite anymore...).

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NEW TIME for bone marrow drive: Saturday, June 28, 4pm-7pm

Sorry the last minute change, but we're going to hold the bone marrow drive on Saturday, June 28, from 4pm-7pm. If you were planning on coming tonight to get registered, I'll be there with testing kits that you can take home and fill out at your leisure.

Thanks for your help!


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Bone marrow drive at Red Mango this Friday, June 26

Hey everyone, we're hosting a bone marrow drive at the store on Friday, June 26, from 8pm-10pm in an effort to find a match for Michelle Maykin, a 26-year old Cal grad who desperately needs a donor.

I'll be taking yogurt orders personally and serving it to anyone who signs up at the table outside (so you don't have to wait in line), and we'll donate proceeds from all volunteers to the Asian American Donor Program. You can visit Michelle's website at Read more

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Whoops, I forgot to provide the link for posting a review on Yelp in my last message. Thanks so much for your support!


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Yelp reviews

Hey everyone,

If you've had a chance to try out our store, I was wondering if you could please take a minute to post a review on Yelp. We've been working hard to listen to our customers and improve the overall customer experience, and our reviews have been getting consistently better since we opened, but there's been a weird uptick of negative reviews lately that we think might be part of a coordinated campaign to bash us. We're hoping to get more fair and balanced feedback. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to...Read more

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Survivor Winner "Yul Kwon" and CEO Dan Kim on Red Mango - Palo Alto


Fro-yo chain debuts in Bay Area


By Kristina Peterson

Bay Area News Group

San Jose Mercury News

While in the Cook Islands competing on the reality TV show "Survivor," San Mateo resident Yul Kwon ate a lot of tropical fruit.

"We were basically just eating co...Read more

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We're open!

Due to overwhelming demand (e.g., people coming into our store and getting belligerent when we tell them we're still closed), we're opening our Palo Alto store early, so come on by and bring your friends! We're located at 429 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, between Kipling and Waverly. Order coconut as a topping and watch Yul chop it up with a machete wearing a bamboo loincloth (just kidding, we don't want anyone to lose their appetite). See you soon!

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