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Team News - The DORR Group partner with Yuey in 2012

StartFragmentRegional private equity firm, the DORR GROUP have signed on with Singaporean driver, Yuey Tan for the 2012 season. Coming in as the drivers largest sponsor, the private equity firm has made its intentions clear about its involvement in the Carrera Cup Asia.

With the PCCA part of the 2012 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GP and the 2012 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GP, the new team partner is looking ahead in great excitement into the new season.

Attracted to Tan for his bizarre antics including a race vs. a Boeing 747, this year looks hopeful for the young team with new sponsors and added firepower.

"This deal has come to us a month prior to the first round of the PCCA in Shanghai, so it's been great and busy all at the same time," said a happy Tan. "All of the gear, merchandise, everything has had to be re-manufactured and a new livery designed, so lots has been going on lately. We'll be sure not to let it impact our focus going into the opening round."

The DORR GROUP, led by cousin team, Terence and Nelson Loh, have skills and experience in the private equity field has been developed with a backbone of knowledge, and a grasp of modernized knowhow, very much like the race team that they have partnered.

In 2012, DORR Group broke new ground when it embarked on a collaboration with Conet & Cie, a boutique Swiss private bank founded in Geneva in 1845. Gonet & Cie established an External Asset Manager platform (Gonet Asia) in Singapore in 2011. Consequently, DORR Group established GA Gaoning Limited, as a platform for Gonet Asia to access the developing and established financial markets within China and Indonesia.

Businesses spanning from real estate, construction, fashion, apparel and jewelry, have made the DORR Group a fast growing powerhouse in the region, the newest addition to their portfolio being worldwide A-lister jewelry brand, Mimi So New York. This brand will be appearing on the 2012 racing car.

"It's going to be a very interesting year," concluded Tan. "With big support from the Dorr Group, and AutoInc, it looks like it will be our strongest year ever. And rightfully so too. The PCCA grid looks classy for driver quality this season, so we will need to be really quick to get some results in 2012. I'm pumped!"


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