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Christina told me that 前國家主席江澤民's chef is in HK and will be the special chef at 上海綠楊村酒家 for a few months... given my 為食 personality, I grabbed a few friends to have din din there with me on Sun night.

First of all, we had our own little room - privacy!!!  

So, we started off with 4 appetizers:

P1000693 宮廷富貴花 - marinated 筍 - pretty!

P1000696 揚州香x蹄 - yum yum ham

P1000694 鮮橙金玉帶 - scallops were full of orange flavor.

P1000695 梳衣脆青瓜 - this is also marinated. I was amazed by the chef's 刀法!!


乾隆乾燒翅 - the shark fin was stirred fried. It was actually quite heavy but very very yummy!!! I could totally taste the ham/chicken that were used to boil the broth!

P1000698 文思豆腐羹 - tofu was sliced in really really thin slice! The soup was very 清 given no meat was used in the soup.



翠竹嫩魚米 - the 星斑 was cut into "rice-like" and stored into a "box" that was made out of cucumber. The fish meat was actually very chewy... and really did look like rice! The amazing thing is that the cucumber box was actually one-whole-piece...



繡球戲烏龍 - sea cucumber stuffed with shrimp paste. sea cucumber was very crunchy! The little繡球 was made with dry scallop, fat choi, ham, egg, and vegi.P1000705


御品菊花魚 - the fished was carved into a菊花 shape and than a sweet and sour sauce with fresh fruits were poured over it. Amazing刀法 once again!

P1000707 蟹黃獅子頭 - this is different from the Shanghai type. This one is actually very very 清 and was very yummy!



P1000710 白玉藏八寶 - winter melon cut into boxes and stuffed with ham, mushroom, scallop, sea cucumber, shrimp, dried scallop.

P1000711 一品五丁包 - the stuffing wasn't too special.. but the bun - yum yum yum!!! It was really really soft and 鬆化!!

P1000712 正宗揚州飯 - nothing special... too dry!


P1000716 金球釀燕窩 - pumpkin stuffed with 燕窩.

柔情盛似水 - seasonal fruits

Overall it costs about $650 per head... but the food was yum yum! We had so much fun with the food... We also asked the chef to talk to us.. but then he said he has been working in HK at another restuarant for 2 yrs ago. So, I felt cheated! I guess it was just a gimmick to say that he will only be serving 3 tables a night for 2 months! But at least, the dishes were all delicious!

I wonder when I will have another good meal?!

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