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I'm Not a Plastic Bag by Anya Hindmatch

Today, I went to my favorite supermarket to buy fruit... but... there were a bunch of 'kids' blocking my way.  These kids are in their late teens and they all have a bad attitude.  I asked the Secu why I can't go into MY supermarket... and was told that 360 was giving out numbers for ppl to purchase I'm Not a Plastic Bag in preparation for tomorrow's launch.  Since the manager at 360 wouldn't come out to explain after all the numbers were given out, these "kids" decided to "gau si" and therefore the Secu had to close the shop for a while.  Ai.. here goes my fruits!

Why is this bag so special?  I saw it at the store the other day...  it's an OK bag.. but not a GREAT bag.  I just did some research online.. and found that here we will have the grey one...  Japan will launch a green one.. and US will launch a blue one.  I guess, either a green or a blue would be good!!  hmm...

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i don't get it. ...
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