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Ani-Com 香港動漫節

Other pictures I took at Ani-Com...

Basically Terence was there for the entire night and he was super nice. It was fun walking behind him and seeing all the girls said "Is that Terence Yin? I want to take a picture with him. Should I ask?"


And out of mo-liu-ness, they bought a bird hat and a mushroom hat...  (Hope Terence and Bob won't kill me for posting this....)

P1000823 The mushroom hat is sooo cute!

Here's a pic with Pat..

P1000825 Gosh.. he does not look 33 at all!!!

Love this shirt? hehe..


We also stayed to watch 太極 preform..

At the end, I also had a chance to say hi to Josie.


It was a tiring night (b/c I stood for the whole night).... but it was FUN too!  Looking forward to the next event! 

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Photo 15492
Ha, I agree with you. Terence is super nice. And Pat looks so young. You're nice too. Hope to see you again.
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thanks for helping out!!! it was a great time!
almost 13 years ago


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