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long time not alive..

been a long time since I last blogged here..  been really busy.. moved to shanghai for about 3 weeks...  was traveling for the past week or so though.  Shanghai is a fun place to be in for a short period of time..  food is good, things are cheap... clubs are fun.  Beijing is somewhat nice too.. but more chaotic.  I do miss HK and my friends though.. looking forward to seeing them next week. :)

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Ani-Com 香港動漫節

Other pictures I took at Ani-Com...

Basically Terence was there for the entire night and he was super nice. It was fun walking behind him and seeing all the girls said "Is that Terence Yin? I want to take a picture with him. Should I ask?"


And out of m...Read more

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What did I see at Ani-Com Game Fair?Got to show some really cute pics...


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Internet Access in China

YC told me he can't access Blogger at home... no Apple Daily... and no some other websites. He could only access some websites at work. Dim suen ho?!?! What will happen to my "internet" resource when I move to Shanghai? Will I have access to 360? If not, how the heck will I be able to blog? Will I have access to all the other networking sites? Ai.. what will happen to my social life after I move to Shanghai? I can't even imagine!!?!?!??!?!

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Hard Boiled Egg

How to make hard boiled egg without a stove? Thanks to McBeli for finding me the recipe... SO EASY!!! And YUMMY!!!

Now, I can be healthy and try to eat 2-3 egg white to absorb my daily intake of protein!

Microwaved Hard Boiled Egg
This is an excellent way to prepare eggs for salads, etc. You won’t have to peel them either! Several eggs may be done at once, but they need to be rotated to cook evenly. Eggs take 45 seconds - 1 1/2 minut...Read more

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Christina told me that 前國家主席江澤民's chef is in HK and will be the special chef at 上海綠楊村酒家 for a few months... given my 為食 personality, I grabbed a few friends to have din din there with me on Sun night.

First of all, we had our own little room - privacy!!!  

So, we started...Read more

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7 ft black in biker short with a lobe-sided afro hair?

I went out to din din with a CEIBS exchange student the other day... At the end of our chat, I asked "How would I recognize u?"

"Oh, I am 7 ft tall.. a black with tight biker short! And I have a lobe-sided afro hair-do!"

"Oh, it will be so easy to spot u in the crowd in CWB!!!"

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10 元 膠 鈔 明 日 無 限 量 換 領

I didn't even know that we will have "plasticly" bills... Should I go get one to see see? But I don't think I have any $10 bills in my wallet at all!

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我想在測試時你口裡不時說著:「這個廣告很面善呢!」可惜有印象是一回事,是不是記得清楚卻又是另一回事。多上Youtube吧!有很多經典的廣告都十分值得一看再看的! 老餅廣告測試

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I'm Not a Plastic Bag by Anya Hindmatch

Today, I went to my favorite supermarket to buy fruit... but... there were a bunch of 'kids' blocking my way.  These kids are in their late teens and they all have a bad attitude.  I asked the Secu why I can't go into MY supermarket... and was told that 360 was giving out numbers for ppl to purchase I'm Not a Plastic Bag in preparation for tomorrow's launch.  Since the manager at 360 wouldn't come out to...Read more

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