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Pray for PEACE to Japan 日本の平安を祈ります。

Be Strong. 頑張れ!/強くなれ!!!

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Merry Christmas to AnD's buddies

My Dear friends, how are you guys doing?I have been tied up at work in the past year, so I didn't have time to meet you guys. I'm really sorry about that.As Christmas approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thoughts and wishes to you guys by making a little greeting card.This picture is a draft of my previous mural work for a kindergarten. I like it a lot, and I hope you guys like it too.Here, I wish all AnD's buddies have a Merry Chistmas and a Wonderful 2011Read more

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Some recent paintings

Still collection my paintings for future exhibition.... Mermaid remains  2010 Acrylic on canvas 60cm X 90cmThe couple souls   2010 Acrylic on canvas 60cm X 50cm

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Mural - Spider Chrysanthemum

Follow with the previous mural works of Phalaenopsis for the nursing home, this time I took a new challenge to paint a new mural on another floor of the home during Easter.

The theme of this mural is Spider Chrysanthemum. In spite of having the experience of painting Phalaenopsis before, I found that the painting method an...Read more

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Mural -- Phalaenopsis

Mural -- Phalaenopsis   Read more

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Wall paint @ the school climbing wall

Just finished the mural production @ 陳呂仲德小學 in Yau Tong. The school wants to have a mural on their newly made climbing wall. Since it is a Taoist school which surrounded by mountains and green trees, i want to immerse the nature into the school. that's why the forest is painted on the wall =]

i've enlarged the creatures on the mural. the idea is to make the kids look like climbing on the trees and animals when they are hving fun on the climbing wall. the kids would be looked small, which is just like a pa...Read more

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Spiderman mural

This time, the mural is located in a private villa @ Lugard Road, the Peak.

the owner of the villa wants to have a big mural in his studio. he wishes to have the spiderman3 movie poster to be the mural.

Actually the design of the movie poster is quite simple. the lines are not complicated. but it is reli difficult to handle the...Read more

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SiCuan volunteer trip Part1

i've been invited by Nancy to be the art director of the wall painting production in「愛‧長傳」SiCuan visiting + services trip. i m glad that i can join this meaningful trip to give help to the SiCuan-people after the 5.12 earthquake. so i promise to Nancy to join the trip once she invited me.

we had meetings b4 going to SiCuan. and finally we started our journey last week. me, together with around 30 volunteers arrived SiCuan 成都 first. besides helping volunteers for the wall painting production, i also followed the team to...Read more

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Mural renewal and repair

i've got an order to renewal a mural from a client.

This mural is a imitating work of Greek Girls Picking Up Pebbles By The Seag, by a 19-century Britian artist Lord Frederic Leighton. the client told me that  this work was made for a very long long time. the colour faded. as the client love mural so much, he found me to renewal this work. he didn't want a oil painting to replace it.

actcually... to renewal the mural is equal to re-paint a work!

Read more

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SiCuan earthquake 512 R.I.P

though it's a sunny day today, i still rmb wht happened in 5.12 of last year

a very sad day

ppl there lost their frds, relatives, family.... such a pain is difficult to be removed

we reli need to cherish everything around u and me.

5.12 14.28

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